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    First Ever “Emerging” Amish Church

    When asked about his sources of inspiration, Pastor Jay (who wears a soul-patch instead of a traditional Amish beard) responded by saying: “I mean, there I was, settling with ‘church as usual’ when I stumbled upon the writings of Brian McLaren. I felt like his words were coming right from my own head, you know? I realized that I was a postmodern Amish person…I needed to reject pre-modernism for a more authentic faith.”

    Worship at Solomon’s Barn reflects Amish traditions…for example, the men and women are seated separately, but instead of pews, the congregation sits on couches in their worship space–a renovated barn. Women still wear head coverings, but many of the coverings have patches sown into them that say “another world is possible” or “jesus was homeless.” Many of the worship songs are simply contemporary Amish pop tunes with worshipful lyrics added. And while Amish worship services have always used candles–or lanterns–this new hip, Amish church drapes black cloth around their makeshift sanctuary.

    You can read more of this emerging amish church over at

    According to, the first ever “emerging” Amish church launched recently just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The church, calling itself “Solomon’s Barn” blends cutting edge worship with Amish sensibilities. Its pastor, Jacob Yoder (who prefers to be called “Jay”) believes that the Amish can learn from emerging styles of worship. “We’re ready for something new…something fresh,” says Pastor Jay.


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, April 04, 2008

      I live in the heart of Amish country, and oh my that is funny.

      I’m guessing none of the Amish around here have stumbled on that web site, though.

    2. Leonard on Fri, April 04, 2008

      Amish Paradise comes to mind…

    3. Brian Jones on Fri, April 04, 2008

      Our large suburban megachurch in the suburbs of Philly is less than an hour from Amish country, so we get a chance on a regular basis to drive over. I honestly can’t imagine what an Amish Emerging Church would look like. Based on my conversations and friendships I’ve developed though, I can see how this sort of thing could be possible, but primarily for Mennonites.

      Brian Jones

    4. Henry Judy on Sat, April 05, 2008

      It would look like wearing white bucs with the overalls.Which I have done but I am from South Carolina and went to Clemson. By the way… I have a new website for my blog….

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    5. Suzanne on Tue, April 08, 2008

      Is this supposed to be funny?  It might appeal to an adolescent boy, but I doubt even that.

    6. Leonard on Thu, April 10, 2008

      yes Suzanne, this is funny and I am not even an adolescent boy.

    7. Abdul on Wed, June 11, 2008

      I love church!

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