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Photo of Todd

    Gotcha!  Todd’s Feeble Attempt At Humor Deemed a Huge Success!

    I was not disappointed.



    I used the original title:  What? Huh?!  When Church Marketing Goes Too Far... and featured the picture above.

    Truth is, this was just my attempt at humor.  I actually made the sign over at  And I thought it was real funny.  (Still do!) 

    But not as funny as some of your responses:

    TG thinks church signs need to stop all this nonsense.

    My friend Bernie, actually liked the sign.  (leave it to Bernie to like something that was not meant to be serious).

    JH thought the sign was much more acceptable than a couple of other websites that he's come across lately.

    But hats off to Rick, who actually got the joke.

    Some of you guys really take yourselves a little too seriously... but... you made my day anyway!  smile


    FOR DISCUSSION:  Now... please rate my humor... on a scale

    I posted this this morning.  I figured after the blasting from every post I made yesterday, that I deserved a day off from blogging.  I mean after reading everything yesterday, I’m pretty much convinced that I’m wrong about everything I’ve ever posted here!  I thought to myself, "Self, let’s post something totally off the wall, say I’m appalled, and see if anyone thinks this is a good idea."…


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    1. TG on Thu, November 17, 2005

      Hmmmm….what? context here?!?

      Most church signs just turn people off!  Even if it is a sermon title, its confusing…why don’t churches use church signs to advertize true outreach projects and not for Christianese Humor or the Bashing of Lost People!

    2. bernie dehler on Thu, November 17, 2005

      I liked it.  I love the commercials it is playing off from… once in a while I think is fine…



    3. JH on Thu, November 17, 2005

      Are you trying to tell me that this is going to far and and isn’t?

    4. Rich Kirkpatrick on Thu, November 17, 2005

      Humor is great…especially during ones first cup of coffee.  Thanks!

    5. Ben on Thu, November 17, 2005

      I think this is a joke tool that you can create your own quote or whatever on this sign.  Check out this link for more info:


    6. Sarge on Thu, November 17, 2005

      It’s a fake but still funny!

    7. Bernie Dehler on Thu, November 17, 2005

      Her’s a more direct link to make the sign with your own comments:



    8. Ben on Thu, November 17, 2005

      You silly silly man.

    9. Michael Rew on Thu, November 17, 2005 Now that’s funny!

    10. Beggers on Fri, November 18, 2005

      Love it - wish I had caught it in the original “gotcha” posting.  I may have to check out those links…

      Thanks for the funny! 

      PS - Solid 8 even with the gotcha “spoiler.”


    11. Blair on Fri, November 18, 2005 is going too far? In what way, exactly? Or maybe I am missing the point.

      All I know is that David and I were discussing the current trend of bringing in consultants for EVERYTHING… this ended up leading to the idea of… I am not sure who thought of it first, but I know David is the one who showed the initiative and started it up.

    12. Evangelist Jeff on Sun, November 20, 2005

      Todd, I thought this was pretty good man. Keep up the good work… I did something like this once in the Army. I was a repair & utility man a fixer upper. One day I screwed something up but my 1st sgt, Captian, and Platoon Sgt were the type of people who accepted NO mistakes at all. So they said that they had been Rublelized. At first it kind of hurt. But that after noon I thought about the engerizer commercial. So the next time I goofed something up and they said that and started laughing at me, I stepped in and said you know gentlemen “Nothing out last a Rublelizer.” They stopped laughing and never did say that anymore.

    13. Jason Simmons on Mon, November 21, 2005

      Todd, keep up the great work. I just discovered blogging and the joy of it is you can be wrong, that is natural. The fun thing is you can actualy post your thoughts instead of letting them stew inside. 9 out of 10 people could think 10 different views than mine, as long as I stay true to myself and use it as a tool for growth, who cares. Keep it up. I love this blog.

    14. Signs Of Change on Tue, November 22, 2005  has more sign making fun

    15. erotik videolar on Sat, April 26, 2008

      thanx man

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