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    Great Leaders Smile

    Great Leaders Smile

    Great video about the simple art of smiling.  How important is a smile in your leadership plan today?

    What do you think?  Anything to this?



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    1. Leonard on Wed, March 24, 2010

      Smiling from up front at church is a big deal too.  I don’t like it when our worship team doesn’t smile.  Or when they close their eyes while they lead.  Open your eyes, smile and look like the joy of the Lord in your heart has at least informed your face.

    2. Brian Howard on Wed, March 24, 2010

      Did he just reference The Office while wearing a mustard yellow shirt? That makes me smile.

    3. drew brees jersey on Fri, March 26, 2010

      I don��t think it is a good thing when our worship team doesn��t smile. So we should wearing our drew brees jerseys and smiling when we worship.

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