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    Hacker Attacks, Switches KJV and Amplified Bible

    Barbara Hamburg, one of the site’s support specialists recalls, “At first we were confused. I mean, the complaints were very confusing, like, ‘Your KJV sucks!’ and ‘What foul-mouthed blasphemer wrote your Bibles?’ So for a couple of days we just responded with our standard ‘Just trust in the Lord and pray—everything will work out for good!’ That usually does the trick.”

    Unfortunately, for some users who were slightly less observant, passages from these mislabeled Bible versions made their way into PowerPoint slides and sermon notes all across the country. One of the more controversial debacles occurred at the American Fundamental Baptist Association National Conference on July 12th, where pastor and co-chair of the AFBA Jimmy Rainford accidentally quoted and displayed a verse from the Amplified Bible instead of his authorized KJV on three 20-foot screens during an evening sermon. More than 11,000 of the 13,000 appalled attendees walked out of the stadium while over 100 attending pastors’ wives fainted in their dismay.

    Rainford explains, “I was up very late on little sleep Friday night gathering God’s word for my sermon slides. I must’ve been too tired to notice the devil’s foothold pulling me down into the demonic realm of blasphemy. The screen said it was the KJV, but evil can creep in very subtly!”

    Some of Rainford’s cohorts, while horrified by the mix-up, are surprised that he of all people could let this slip by. Pastor Dale Embrook, another speaker at the conference, explains, “Good mercy, there was nothing subtle about the toxin that was spewing from his mouth! How Satan was able to deceive him on such a simple verse, I do not know.”

    You can read more here at The Holy Observer...

    According to the Holy Observer, the owners and users of have fallen victim to one hacker's malicious and deceptive onslaught. The attack involved breaking into's computers and switching the online versions of the King James Bible and the Amplified Bible. The results of this assault echoed through sanctuaries and chapels all across the nation. From Sunday at 1:28 AM till Tuesday at 7:39 PM anyone at who looked up passages in the King James Version of the Bible was actually presented with passages from the Amplified Bible (and vice versa). It wasn't until's feedback center was bombarded with thousands of complaints that they looked into and resolved the issue. Compliments were also submitted.


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    1. Courtney on Fri, March 07, 2008

      I think the Holy Observer is far more fun than The Onion!

    2. David on Fri, March 07, 2008

      Before moving up north, I would have thought (after reading this) that this was a joke. Surely no one can be so light-headed as to think that a Bible authorized by a king in the 17th Century, using Old English, could be the same text that Jesus used and spoke during the 1st Century. The quotes in this article come from people who actually believe that other translations that are far more accurate to the original Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew are Satan-employed.

      I can understand one’s preference for the poetic language of the KJV but to still hold onto such laughable beliefs after this much time and scholarly, Christian study into the Holy Scriptures seems a bit sad. After living in TN. for these three years I can see how deeply rooted such problems are in the minds of KJV enthusiasts. I personally believe that we should worship not the book of the Bible but the God portrayed in that Bible, who became flesh in Jesus. When our focus is there we are able to actually see the different voices/opinions of those who wrote our Bible (through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) and can learn the lessons that God has intended for us.

    3. deaubry on Thu, March 20, 2008

      i have three bibles the kjv, the amp. and the niv. oh i have four the nlb. i find it very helpful in studying, i ask my pastor one sunday to read from the nlb, he did and the people were kind of shoked by what it said, every one went and baught a nlb bible, it was so plain you could not   not understand it.

    4. David on Thu, March 20, 2008

      I know what you mean, I have several versions as well. I have, on occasion, found verses in the NLT to take a different tack than other versions and was initially skeptical. Now that I’m in seminary and have a Greek NT I try to check questionable material against the ‘original’ before discounting what is said. This article really points out in a humorous way how people can get caught up in senseless controversy and miss what is literally right before their eyes. Hopefully those numbers are dropping though.

    5. deaubry on Fri, March 21, 2008

      david in your greek nt, what does it say in colossians 1:18 i sure would like to know, or is it the same in the kjv. thanks. i got to get me a greek nt.

    6. Peter Hamm on Fri, March 21, 2008


      As someone who has a basic understanding of Greek, I can tell you this. The work that has been done on translations recently is so excellent that you don’t actually need a greek NT. It’s great to learn to read it, don’t get me wrong, but you won’t get “missing meaning” that will make a difference in your life like some think you might.

      I’m a NLT user now, almost exclusively, myself. I find it is great. I do, however, recommend ditching your Amplified Bible. It often amplifies meanings that aren’t actually implied, and causes more confusion than anything else. I know of several very top Greek scholars who feel the same way. It’s hard to read and doesn’t actually help you live any. Stick with NLT, imho.

    7. Courtney on Fri, March 21, 2008

      Are we still missing that the website this news came from is all a PARODY website?  The story is entirely made up.  Check the source:

    8. deaubry on Fri, March 21, 2008

      peter, what i want to know is this, and please dont think i,m crazy for asking.   DID JESUS GO TO HELL WHEN HE DIED,AND WAS HE REBORN LIKE WE ARE, BUT HE WAS THE FIRST, I KNOW HE WAS NOT THE FIRST TO BE RAISED FROM THE DEAD, WAS HE SEPERATED FROM GOD FOR A TIME , HE DID TAKE OUR SINS ON HIS OWN BODY, WAS HE SPIRITUALLY DEAD, HE TOOK OUR PLACE, DID HE GO THROUGH THE WHOLE THING THAT WE WOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH. i hope i am making sence.  i sure would like to know because i have always believed this., i told this to a preacher once and he said i was evil for thinking such a thing. i told him that i believed that the holy spirit went into hell to get him out and the man liked to have fainted, he called me some pretty bad names, well i just thought that is how it was.please let me know.

    9. David on Fri, March 21, 2008

      Courtney, I think we all know that the articles are parody’s but a parody - by definition - is a hyperbole, or exaggeration, of a distinguishable truth for the purpose of making point. That’s what the site seeks to do. We need church leaders that talk about personal prejudices, laugh at our inadaquacies, and suffice to lead others into relationship with Jesus without tacking on our personal convictions. The purpose is to prompt discussion, which it has done. Thanks for the comment!

    10. David on Fri, March 21, 2008

      Deaubry, the KJV is a translation of the original Greek so, yes, they say the same thing. Here’s a little break-down as I understand those which I have read:

      KJV - translation is very poetic, Old English, 16th Century;

      NIV - More current translation, line-by-line translation;

      NASB - Word-for-word translation in modern vernacular;

      NRSV - Word-for-word translation from ecumenical scholars, tries to stay free of denominational, religious bias;

      NLT - Thought-for-thought translation, most readable but misses out on some of the particulars, if that interests you.

      I hope that helps a little.

    11. Peter Hamm on Fri, March 21, 2008


      Too many questions for the internet. You need to ask these questions of a pastor. If a pastor thinks you’re evil just for asking questions, I humbly suggest finding a new pastor. Questions aren’t evil.

    12. deaubry on Fri, March 21, 2008

      it was not my pastor, but another preacher in a group just talking about jesus and what he did for us.

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