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Photo of Todd

    Happy Thanksgiving!


    Happy Thanksgiving from MMI!  Here’s a little something to carry you over until Monday!


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    1. ld on Wed, November 23, 2005

      Happy Thanksgiving to all who have contributed to the MMI weblog and a special thanksgiving to Todd. You and every contributor have helped considerably to open my eyes to different perspectives and opinions and it has been very helpful and healing. When I give thanks to God tomorrow just know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers! God bless you all! PS Loved the picture! Almost reminds me of the bunny suicide escapades!

    2. ld on Wed, November 23, 2005

      PS I hope none of you find any lint in your dinner as that will start a whole new train of thought! God bless you, Lorrie

    3. Brian La Croix on Fri, November 25, 2005

      This picture is just plain cold, man.

      However, just let anyone get in my way while I’m diving for one of the drumsticks!



    4. Evangelist Jeff on Fri, November 25, 2005

      I think this cartoon is cute. Make no mistake about. All good things come to an end. Solomon was right, there’s a time for everything. I reckon big bird’s was up man.

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