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    Heckler at Benny Hinn Miracle Service: “Don’t Slay Me Bro!”

    Truden entered the service pretending to act like all of the other participants, with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. He filled out the visitors card given to him by the ushers as he entered and took his seat next to the excited worship participants. As the service began, he stood up clapped his hands with the rest of the people, and even managed to force out a few tears at emotionally appropriate moments. The music time went on for close to two hours, but Truden patiently waited for his moment. It was when things began to settled down and Hinn took the stage to “preach” that Truden seized upon the opportunity to strike.

    “As brother Hinn stood up to speak, everyone one was quiet and focused, waiting expectantly for what was about to happen” said Ellen Pitts, who witnessed Sunday’s events. “This loud voice broke the silence, and this man was screaming out something that I couldn’t understand.”

    A tape of the program shows Hinn for a moment becoming confused, and then becoming angry. A transcript of the incident is as follows…

    You’ll have to go over to TomintheBox to read the actual transcript.  It was just too disturbing to print here at MMI...

    TomintheBox reports that at a recent Benny Hinn Crusade meeting in Hampton things did not go as smoothly as many would have hoped. Hinn's "Miracle Service" met at the Hampton Coliseum before a packed house, and while almost the entire audience was overjoyed by the opportunity to witness Hinn in action, one man came with a different agenda. Bailey Truden, a college student at Virginia Tech, showed up at the service with one thing in mind; to mock Hinn and disrupt his "Miracle Service."


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    1. Rob Grayson on Fri, November 02, 2007

      In all seriousness, we have some people from our little church here in France going to see BH in Paris later this month. I am more than a little concerned about the influence his type of “ministry” may have on Christians who perhaps have less than solid foundations and are likely to be more impressed with the apparently spectacular than with such mundane issues as living a daily life of sacrifice and service. Such things can be a big distraction when trying to build a church with firm, biblical foundations.

    2. A Shelton on Tue, November 20, 2007

      You have to wonder, though, if this guy was possessed by a demon? Although Hinn may not appeal to everyone, his planned disruption was a case of rudeness and the guy’s actions were uncalled for. If he was slain in the Spirit for over an hour simply by one touch of Hinn’s hand (according to the tape and witnesses), then something supernatural happened there. Interesting that the guy was from VA Tech

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