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    How Do You Know You’re Working With A Leader?

    How Do You Know You’re Working With A Leader?

    Leadership is a word that has many different meanings to many different people.  So... how do you know if you're working with a real leader?  Perry Noble gives four insights that will help you figure this one out...


    #1 – They come to you with problems…AND the solutions as to how to solve them.

    A true leader will always have direction and possible solutions.

    #2 – They are more upset about a mess up than you are.

    Passion for what a person does is essential if they are going to be an excellent leader.

    #3 – Being around them actually fires you up.

    Leaders will give you energy, not suck it from you.

    #4 – They don’t retreat inside their shell when conflict arises but rather embrace the tension in the room and will speak the truth in love until a resolution is reached.

    Perry says:  A leader will speak their minds…even if they know it is not going to be popular…and even if they know that in the end they will probably lose the argument…they would MUCH rather than have a clear conscience than be a coward.

    You can read the rest of Perry's thoughts here...

    What do YOU think?  What do YOU first notice when you're working with a leader?



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