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    “How does a church help that mission?”

    “How does a church help that mission?”

    A big controversy over a church is going on in wine country.  Yes, wine country.

    After Ray Falkner built a multimillion dollar banquet hall with floor-to-ceiling windows that peer across a gorge to a nearby vineyard, he's worried that the view could be ruined... by a church!

    Falkner is part of a growing number of wine makers that fear a push to allow more churches would hurt views, limit wine sales and cause conflict.

    Falkner:  "We are in an economic development zone specifically targeted with the mission of being able to enhance the development of new wineries and the growth of existing wineries.  How does a church help that mission?"

    The church in question:  Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship, who says they have nothing against the wineries, but federal law prohibits governments (like Riverside Country) from discriminating against religious institutions.

    Here are a few more details from the Washington Examilner:

    Church members are challenging a zoning code in place since 1994, when the wineries pushed for more control over the area to develop it as a tourist destination and protect its agricultural character.

    The code was later adjusted to include bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants and other businesses seen as conducive to tourism.

    Churches were not included among the permitted uses because of state regulations barring the sale of alcohol in the "immediate vicinity" of places of worship. That limit is open to interpretation, but vintners feared an influx of churches could stop them from selling wine and opening tasting rooms, where many small operators do most of their business.

    You can read more here...

    So... who do you think needs to drink a glass of wine and chill?  The church supporters or the wine growers?




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    1. Fred on Wed, September 22, 2010

      Wine? yuck!!! Michelob light! smile

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