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    How Great is Your Youth Pastor?

    How Great is Your Youth Pastor?

    Jon over at Stuff Christians Like has a great post about rating your youth pastor.  So... how's yours doing?

    Here are five sample questions.  The rest are here...

    1. Has at any point made one of the students cry because they are so competitive in the sports. = +2 points

    2. Always stacks the team they are on in any games they play. = +1 point

    3. Drives a car a church member sold them for $1. = +1 point

    4. They think burping is gross. = – 2 points

    5. They can burp the entire five points of Calvinism. = +10 points

    Go here for more...

    So... what's the coolest thing about YOUR youth guy/gal?



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    1. Richard H on Mon, April 12, 2010

      She loves Jesus.
      She loves kids.
      She is influencing kids toward Christ.
      She is taking the kids with her on her journey through colon cancer, showing them the depth of faith.

    2. Rsan on Mon, April 12, 2010

      Why don’t the links on this website ever work?  If someone is looking for the rest of the article, it’s here:

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