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    How to Do the Hustle

    glumbert - (How to) Do the Hustle

    I know there are a lot of closet dancers serving at churches all over the country. Well, it's Friday... and you have my permission to dance. In case you've forgotten all your righteous moves, this little video will serve as your refresher course. Come on now... do the hustle...


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    1. bishopdave on Fri, December 07, 2007

      What will Ingrid say?? How come dance music doesn’t sound like that anymore?

    2. Leonard on Fri, December 07, 2007

      My version of this was pulled a muscle

    3. Camey on Fri, December 07, 2007

      Ummm excuse me? I’ve been accused of dancing in my sit/pew on Sundays numerous times… lol Of course, I am dancing while sitting in my chair at work right now… shhhhhh

      It’s Friday!!!

    4. Camey on Fri, December 07, 2007

      Obviously… I meant seat…. lol

    5. Bart on Fri, December 07, 2007

      Hey!!!!!  That video was personal and whoever stole it is going to pay.  LOL But how come disco never made it into contemporary christian music?

    6. Leonard on Fri, December 07, 2007


      They actually tried to make it a part of the church a few years back in Canada, renamed it the Toronto Blessing but every time someone did the Hustle the broke out in Holy Laughter. 

      (Sorry for the obscure reference to pentecostal history)

    7. RevJeff on Fri, December 07, 2007

      The Newsboys asked for it…. but it never happened…

    8. Sharron on Sat, March 21, 2009

      Good music for dance i really enjoyed it thanks Todd Rhoades

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