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    How to Keep the Momentum Going

    How to Keep the Momentum Going

    Shannon O'Dell writes:  Momentum is a powerful adversary for any organization. As a leader you will either FEEL momentum or FUEL momentum. You have only a moment with momentum, unless you can learn to sustain it. Every opportunity in life (notice there is an IF in the middle of Life) is a moment for potential growth, energy, winning and excitement. You must attack the opportunity, then go 100% after sustaining it.

    Shannon suggests 5 things to help sustain momentum...

    #1 Character
    Who you are in the dark is what will kill or fuel your momentum. As a leader you will be hammered during momentum. Derailment is found when the leader bombs morally, maritally or mentally. So put up the guard against secret sin. Character defects HALT momentum. By the way there is no “secret sin”, God is watching (ouch). It is not how high you can jump that really matters, it’s how you land.
    Acts 9:22 “His momentum was up now and he plowed straight into the opposition”

    #2 Consistency
    Stick with what brought you the momentum. For Brand New Church, it is reaching the lost, the last and the least…not reaching the saved. Many churches do a great job reaching the saved and we need them, but within our local body momentum is built in reaching the lost. Matthew 4:23 “People brought anybody with an ailment, whether mental, emotional, or physical. Jesus healed them, one and all. More and more people came, the
    momentum gathering.” Everything we do must be consistently around developing moments of significant life change. Things won’t look the same and you will not use the same methods every time, but the purpose and goal must be the same.

    #3 Catch It
    Your best friend is Momentum, but it can be your worst enemy. You can ride it like a wave, but you must know how to catch the wave or it will pummel you into the reef.

    There are two more than Shannon writes about.  To read about them, you'll need to visit his blog, Breaking all the Rurals, right here!

    What do you think?  What have you done in YOUR ministry that enabled you to KEEP momentum going?


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    1. Richard H on Tue, January 26, 2010

      “To read about them, you’ll need to visit his blog, Breaking all the Rurals, right here!”

      Right where? Secret link somewhere? wink

    2. Luton on Mon, February 01, 2010

      I think its very difficult to keep momentum going without having highs and lows. Its when you have a down trend that you usually get the motivation to have another energy/interest spurt.

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