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    How to measure small group effectiveness

    How to measure small group effectiveness

    So many churches try to have an effective small group ministry and fail.  Groups are tough.  So... how do you measure the effectiveness of your small group ministry?  Alan Danielson has some ideas for you.  In fact, the way you measure your effectiveness is all according to what you're trying to achieve in the life of your church.

    Alan shared this bit of advice over at

    First here's the question:  “What are the markers for a healthy small group ministry.  That is, when a small group pastor does her/his evaluation of the ministry, what are the list of things that that small group pastor should be measuring to determine how effective the ministry really is?”

    Here's Alan's answer:

    When determining what to measure in regard to the health of an overall group ministry, I think measurements can change from year to year based on what you are trying to achieve.  For example:  if your biggest hope one year is to train up new leaders for future growth, then you’d measure how many leaders you train over the year.  If you are focusing on getting groups to be missional, you keep track of the number of small groups who participated in missions.  If you’re wanting your number of groups to dramatically rise, then you track your number of groups.  If you want more of your congregation to join groups, measure the % of your weekend attendance in groups.

    I like setting 12 months metric goals based on the ministry’s overall needs each year because measured performance is improved performance.  If I need to improve something, I measure it, make it a habit, then move on to the next thing.

    You can read different answers to this question this week at  And you can check out Alan's blog for more great small group and leadership resources.

    How are you currently measuring the effectiveness of your small group ministry?  Are you achieving success?





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    1. Mark La Roi on Wed, October 20, 2010

      One of the ways we measured “success” was if the group members formed stronger personal bonds, were increasing in their knowledge of Scripture (seen in part by demonstrations of increased maturity, in part by deeper questions), and if they were spreading themselves out away from the group more as time went on, which was something we stressed.

    2. Larry Knight on Tue, November 02, 2010

      IF our goal is connecting we can measure “success” by the number of people involved in small groups. Can we also train our small group leaders to recognize spiritual growth in participants by their responses, etc. and points we in our church set as markers of spiritual maturity.

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