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    Church Complaint (Dance Version)

    Church Complaint (Dance Version)

    Here's an oldie but a goodie.  I bet it's new to many of you... It's an actual voicemail.  Enjoy!

    Listen to the phone complaint here...

    Now, here's the "dance re-mix" of the complaint (Mistake #2:  having someone on your staff with too much time on their hands)

    Listen to the dance re=mix here...

    Some people have too much time on their hands.  smile

    What's the weirdest voicemail you've ever gotten?


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    1. rob on Mon, December 19, 2005

      I agree with others…that was TOO funny! I wish I could have heard the panning right to left, but the right speaker is on the fritz in our little sanctuary. I’m the new worship leader here, and I used to be in the caller’s shoes…obviously there are certain things we should never do in our dances (especially ones that are coreographed), but we all must wonder how much “butt-wiggling” David did as he brought back the ark…

      This was one truly HILARIOUS dance remix…I think I will be wiggling my butt “back and forth, side to side” all night. I might have to let my Pastor hear this one. We all need to have a lighthearted response to those who criticize, rather than letting it get us down all the time. Again, thanks for the laugh!


    2. Gary on Sun, February 26, 2006

      This was very funny.  I am new at this and is has started off with a good laugh.

    3. Scott on Sun, April 16, 2006

      LOL. Obviously none of you people have gone to a Black Congregation. They certainly don’t sit still nor are they afraid to move their butts. Big deal. It always amuses me to listen to folks complain about ‘dancing’ as though it’s a mortal sin. Lighten up. Move in the spirit and rejoice.

    4. ttukexpu on Mon, September 07, 2009

      fsgvmcps mvzmawfm gjbannhh

    5. testosterone on Wed, September 09, 2009

      Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.

    6. thujyl on Thu, September 10, 2009

      A wise man can see more from the bottom of a well than a fool can from a mountain top .

    7. missional girl on Thu, January 13, 2011

      Todd, you MADE my day.  I’ve been looking for this for years.  And yes, the offended preacher is still ridiculous, lol.

    8. Fred on Thu, January 13, 2011

      Now THAT was funny! smile Thanks!

    9. Michael on Fri, January 14, 2011

      I want to read the book of the 1400 things the Lord told him.

    10. Jim B. on Mon, January 17, 2011

      Was it the fact that there was a wiggle?  Or, was it the size of the object wiggling?  Are small wiggling body parts acceptable?  Anyway, I would like more theological explanation re. the pastor’s concern.  Without these answers, how will I be able to start the website? 

      At the very least, we Presbyterians have not had to wrestle with these wiggling theological concepts.

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