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    I Got 94 Theses, and the Pope Ain’t One

    Take a look at this and let me know what you think...


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    1. Peter Hamm on Mon, November 03, 2008

      Wow that’s clever…

    2. Fred on Mon, November 03, 2008

      I haven’t a clue what that was about. Is it making fun of the 95 Theses? If it is, then it is not funny and may show a lack of knowledge by the makers of theological truths. If is just meant to be funny, well I guess that depends if you think rap is cool. All in all, I just wonder how it contributes to the glory of God? Seems to me like their “talents” could have been put to better use.

    3. John Huebner on Mon, November 03, 2008

      Wish there could have been something more about Jesus.  I would guess the rapper connects with young people…but the use of imagery with the women seems, to me, to be a bit of a sexual distraction.   Actually, if you read the 95 theses, you will find the Pope is very much a part of them.  Luther, at that point, still acknowledged the Pope as spiritual head.

      Luther’s whole point was that the real treasury of the Church is the full atoning sacrifice of Jesus and his righteousness…

      and why wouldn’t the Church want to freely give that to all (rather than charge a fee)?  this video seems to be a “stick a finger in the eye of the Pope” type of thing, rather than a humble request to talk about the issues.  I appreciate the effort to use an effective communication tool such as rap to get the message out to others, particularly the young. But the message needs to be correct before we go to the tools.

    4. Fred on Mon, November 03, 2008

      I agree John that is seems to be a slam at the Pope. But if one doesn’t understand the theology of The RC Church and the reasons Martin opposed the Church, then it becomes nothing more than vitriolic language disguised as “art”. This is not the best venue at all to discuss these issues, which still exist to this day, though many evangelicals do not know it, nor care.

    5. CS on Mon, November 03, 2008

      This song dispensed more historical knowledge and truth in 3.5 minutes than some high school classes do in a whole semester. 

      Normally, while rap and R & B is not for me, this new wave of Christian rappers and people who tackle intellectually-stimulating messages is impressing me very much.  A good example is Shai Linne and many of his songs.


    6. Peter Hamm on Mon, November 03, 2008

      Keep in mind, guys, it’s not a “film” with a Christian agenda at all… Just having a little fun with history.

    7. Matt Heerema on Mon, November 03, 2008

      Cute.  Well done

      One thing that struck me about the 95 theses (I re-read them this last week) was Luther’s humility toward the Pope.  Of course eventually that humility gave rise to righteous anger and indignation, but it started with submission. A model that was convicting to me.

      Also, he had not yet come to “Salvation by faith alone” in his thinking at the point of the 95 theses.  That concept is evidently brewing in his heart as you read his Theses. 

      Good stuff.

    8. Brandon on Mon, November 03, 2008

      Has anyone mentioned that this is a parody of “99 Problems” by Jay-Z?

    9. Matt Heerema on Mon, November 03, 2008

      who is Jay-z?

    10. pete on Mon, November 03, 2008


      Jay-Z is one of the top hip hop/rappers around.

      This may be okay but I must be hard of hearing. can’t get much of it!

    11. Matt Heerema on Mon, November 03, 2008

      should have put a </sarcasm> in there…

    12. Ross Middleton on Mon, November 03, 2008

      I don’t know what it means but I’m just glad Catholics listen to Jay-Z

    13. Ben Komanapalli on Mon, November 03, 2008

      I am glad Brandon made the comment about this being a parody of Jay-z’s song 99problems.

    14. Joshua on Mon, November 03, 2008

      That’s the funniest thing since the Baby Got Book song parody.

    15. Jimmy Smuda on Tue, November 04, 2008




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