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Photo of Todd

    I Hate it When This Happens…

    There’s no audio on this clip… but no audio is needed…

    HT:  Los

    I knew there was a reason that I am no longer a worship leader... this would be one of the main risks associated with the job...


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    1. Eric Joppa on Fri, April 04, 2008

      That Is Awesome! Ha HA!


    2. Patti on Fri, April 04, 2008

      Poor guy!  I hope he’s ok, it looks a little scary there at the end of the clip.

    3. CS on Fri, April 04, 2008

      And THAT’S what you get for trying to be innovative and not having a proper place for the choir, organ, and other orchestral instruments!



    4. Richard Gaspard on Fri, April 04, 2008

      That guy out front waited TWELVE seconds before helping out. He must have been doing something really important!

    5. Zipper Pilaro on Mon, April 07, 2008

      Sorry… it was almost convincing… watch it again.. he really doesn’t trrip on anything… he just lifts his leg up over the guitar stand…

      Sorry again to spoil it for you, but I think they tried to make it big and gain some christian youtube fanbase

    6. Nate Elarton on Tue, April 08, 2008

      This may be set up and not real.

    7. pamela casey on Wed, April 09, 2008

      soooo, was he hurt. I don’t get it

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