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    “I will not be happy until I see John MacArthur slain in the Spirit…”

    I knew it! I KNEW that all those endless nights (and days) watching TBN would pay off! You can tell in this clip that Paul Crouch has a real man love kinda thing for John MacArthur. It seems like he's thought about this alot:

    The rapture is truly near if John MacArthur ever speaks in tongues. For the time being, I enjoy watching this clip, and just imagining John's face instead of the one that's there. Hey... it could happen.


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    1. Matt on Fri, April 03, 2009

      John Piper will not be happy until all of our happiness is in God who is most glorifed in us because we are most satisfied in him…

      ...that is fun

    2. Kevin Bussey on Sat, April 04, 2009

      That was great! Thanks Todd.

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