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    Introducing William Vanderbloemen

    Introducing William Vanderbloemen

    If you haven't met William Vanderbloemen, I'd like to introduce you to him.  I've had the opportunity to get to know William on a number of different occasions over the past year.  William has the heart of a pastor (he is one) paired with the energy and spirit of a connector.  And his new staff search group organized this week is there to serve when you need them.

    William is working with my friends Tony and Carlos to provide a valuable service to churches all across the country looking for key leaders. 

    As William puts it, searching for your next key leader is serious business... as serious as an organ transplant.  "Transplants are critical enough to warrant help. If the operation goes well, your ministry will find a new level of life. If the operation is rushed, goes poorly, or ends in rejection, things can get downright unpleasant."

    An outside perspective brings a new set of eyes and ears to the table.  That outside, objective input allows you to determine what kind of person you really need to hire rather than the type of person you THINK you need to hire.

    William has some pretty impressive letters of recommendation as well.  You should check them out.

    Here's the website for Vanderbloemen Search Group.





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    1. CS on Tue, March 16, 2010

      William Vanderbloemen:

      I checked out your website a little bit.  Just curious, but what attributes do you look for in someone who wishes to be a pastor and how do you refer that person onward to churches?


    2. George on Wed, November 17, 2010

      Well I have also never met pastor William Vanderbloemen although I wouldn’t object to meet him if he is a nice person (not that he’ll want to meet me.. lol). Anyway thanks for mentioning his website here - I’ll definitely try it.

    3. here on Thu, November 18, 2010

      You have very well introduced “William Vanderbloemen” , I have become a fan of him by reading about the things that he do for the well being of the human kind. I would say that he is a “GEM” of a person. Thanks for sharing his website.

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