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    Is This Guy for Real?

    Sorry for the lack up posts today. My ISP has been doing some adjustments or something (a nice way to say that I've had no internet access on my main computer this morning). So... anyway, since time is short today, I'll leave you with this guy. Has anyone ever heard of Pastor Kerney Thomas? This is one of the more bizarre things I've seen for a while. Check it out...


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    1. jud on Tue, July 01, 2008

      What if this bizarre display is nothing more than the fruit of this guy’s marketing and branding research? It looks like it has worked.

    2. Heath on Tue, July 01, 2008

      His vocal range is pretty incredible.  This blog is sooooo awesome.

    3. Dave - The Cubicle Reverend on Tue, July 01, 2008

      Did someone let a bird into the studio?  Or did that guy just sit on a hot plate?

    4. Scott on Tue, July 01, 2008

      Something about this guy reminds me of Robert Tilton.

    5. paul on Tue, July 01, 2008

      “Mommy, make the scary bad man go away…”

      Okay Peter, that was REALLY funny.

    6. Steve Patton on Wed, July 02, 2008


    7. jimmy smuda on Mon, July 07, 2008

      was someone stabbing him with something in the back everytime he said God?

    8. DanJ on Tue, July 08, 2008

      I recall something in the Third Commandment that might serve as a “word from the Spirit” to this dude.

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