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    Joel Osteen:  Homosexuality is a sin

    Joel Osteen:  Homosexuality is a sin

    Joel and Victoria Osteen appears tonight on the new Piers Morgan show, and Joel was asked point-blank about his views on homosexuality.  CNN provided a clip (below) of the interview.

    Take a look:

    OK... what did you think of what Joel said?

    On a scale of 1 - 10; one being a massive failure; and ten being a huge win, what score would you give Joel on this one.

    Before you answer... think about how you would answer... off the cuff... in front of cameras and a million people or so... and after the drill down four or five times by an interviewer?

    Good or bad performance?  I'd love hear what YOU think...



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    1. Peter Hamm on Wed, January 26, 2011

      He got backed into a corner… and I can’t believe I’m saying this… but he did GREAT! He kept coming back to the Scriptures. Over and over… way to go! I give him a 10 because of that. No question.

    2. Adam Reed on Wed, January 26, 2011

      I have never been a Osteen fan, but I think that he handled the question very well.  He kept taking it back to the Bible and pointing out that all sin is wrong and misses the mark.  I really can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I would have to give him a 10 on this one.  I actually don’t know how well I would have done.

    3. Jeff Calloway on Wed, January 26, 2011

      I give him a 5. Saying, “I don’t understand it too much”, made me give him a lower 5. He should understand through study of the scripture and research. He was clear in saying it is a sin and that is what scripture states.  But again as usual, Joel wants to make everyone happy and not offend. If he had done research and study, he could have answered the “it’s not a choice” belief.

    4. John Bunn on Wed, January 26, 2011

      I’m not got to give him a rating because, like Joel, it’s not my place to judge people. smile

      I’m glad he took a stand on the issue rather than trying to spin it. But he definitely looked uncomfortable answering the questions.

      When Piers started talking about homosexuality not being a choice, I would have like to have heard Joel say something along these lines: we all have a bent toward sin. We’re all born with a sin nature. And that’s why Christ came…to restore a right relationship with God and to break the power of sin in our lives.

      With that said, I realize it’s not an easy thing at all to be put on the spot like he was. I think he did pretty well overall. I do appreciate that Joel wanted to be clear on the importance of loving people.

    5. Todd Bergman on Wed, January 26, 2011

      I think he did a fair job of handling a question he didn’t want to deal with from “snapping turtle” host who did want to go on about that one subject.

      Olsteen was humble and held to his belief regarding the scripture (I don’t think his wife helped him with her insights). I agree that he backed off a little too much, but he held his own without losing integrity (can’t say the same for Morgan).

    6. Daniel Davis on Wed, January 26, 2011

      I think Victoria said it all:  “We just want the people”.

      As far as a rating - 3.

    7. Kevin Mullins on Wed, January 26, 2011

      This is not an “off the cuff” answer by any means.  Joel was asked this same question every time he was on Larry King and you can tell this time he had his best answer ready.  Unfortunately the middle ground he chooses (he is decisive on the “sin” point but not on the “what then does one do” point) does not play well with Piers and many of his viewers.  I think someone of his influence and visibility must do better in dealing with what has become THE hot button issue of today’s church.

    8. Kevin Mullins on Wed, January 26, 2011

      Sorry you asked for a score….4.  Better than most evangelicals but far short of answering the question.

    9. Michael edmondson on Wed, January 26, 2011

      I can believe I’m saying this either. I would give Joel a 10 for thinking on his feet and he did keep going back to the Bible that homosexuality is a sin and not God’s choice for us. I think that is the first time I have heard him use the word sin. It’s usually “how to go to hell with a positive attitude and a grin on your face.” But he got it right this time1

    10. Mike Tatem on Wed, January 26, 2011

      The strength of the response was in the reinforcement of the Scriptures as the ultimate authority. However, even that position presents a credibility issue for Osteen because of his ongoing resistance to deal with sin from his pulpit. Hence, the completely taken aback response of the interviewer. While Osteen did well in keeping the Scripture at the forefront, he missed the opportunity to talk about sin as both nature AND choice. Choosing to act on an inclination, even a generic bent, does not absolve us of the consequences or guilt associated with it. We are all inclined by our nature to act in ways that are contrary to the image in which we were originally intended. Maybe the rest of the interview presents the gospel, but this foundational understanding of human nature is essential to salvation and I believe Osteen, while gracious and enduring, may have missed the opportunity here.

    11. Peter Hamm on Wed, January 26, 2011

      Those of you who are giving him such a low score… I would defy any of us to do this well under fire. He was obviously prepared to possibly address this question, and despite the aggressive cross-examination and backing into a corner, kept going back to Scripture.

      What more could he have done? Probably nothing, given the time constraints.

    12. Kevin Mullins on Wed, January 26, 2011

      Peter and Adam In what way did he “come back to the scriptures?”. I heard him reference the term “scripture” but no actual scripture was referenced.

      To call something a sin without saying why will always produce confusion and yes, testy “snapping-turtle” hosts.  It’s frustrating to be “spun” and to never really get an answer.

      FYI-  I met Joel at a conference in Sept and I like him a lot ,he’s probably the nicest guy you’d ever meet.

    13. Peter Hamm on Wed, January 26, 2011


      Did you consider that there was very limited time for this question? That TV News moves fast?

    14. Kevin Mullins on Wed, January 26, 2011

      I will say this.  If any of us had as much time to research, prepare and practice answering that question and didn’t do at least as well as he did, we should be greatly disappointed in ourselves.

      Again for Adam and Peter and Michael and Mike-  watch the video again and try to see him “going back to the Scriptures”.  He references the Scriptures generically but there is no Scripture given.  And dont say time wouldn’t allow it because that’s exactly what Piers wanted him to do in clarification.  He didn’t do it because it would cause him to say something he believes but can’t say…“Homosexuality is not a choice.”

    15. Kevin Mullins on Wed, January 26, 2011

      Peter-  Piers and everyone would have been so happy to have him actually answer the question they’ve been asking him for five years that they would have found the time or brought them back for extra segments.

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