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    Joel Osteen Starts Airline:  Your Best Flight Now

    “We’re just so excited” stated Joel Osteen, the church’s pastor. “We feel this is a positive development in the life of our church. Over the years our membership has reached outside of the bounds of the Houston area. We have people all over the country who would love to attend our church, but cannot because they live so far away. Now, AIROST will give them that opportunity to attend.”

    AIROST will begin with flights in and out of the newly built Lakewood Airport on Thursday through Monday of each week with daily flights between Houston and the select cities of New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle and Las Vegas. While the airline is primarily intended for “church members” a limited number of tickets will be sold to the public for each flight.

    “We plan to sell about 50% of the seats to non church members” stated Osteen. “These can be purchased online through the church’s website. Anyone is free to fly AIROST so long as they don’t mind the the airline being owned and operated by a church.”

    You can read more here at TomintheBox...

    TomintheBox is reporting that Lakewood Church is announcing the launch of their new airline company AIROST. Beginning October 1 the airline company, officially owned and operated by the 29,000 plus member church, will primarily begin servicing "church members "who live across the United States enabling them to fly into Houston each weekend for services. In addition Lakewood Church is also building a private airport on church property just south of the city that will serve as the base of operations.


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    1. Eva Maryam on Sat, September 08, 2007

      I have to say that I love this article. This blog has been so simple and has a lot more features than other blog articles. The layout and design is great. I will continue to come back here for every articles! Thanks ...... .

      Eva Maryam

    2. dean on Mon, September 10, 2007

      is your sense of humor as deadpan as the floks at tominthebox, or are you just unaware that this is a hoax?

    3. dean on Mon, September 10, 2007

      uh, that should be “folks.”

    4. dean on Thu, September 13, 2007

      one more “uh” or more like “duh”…  after plundering around over at tominthebox and noticing MMI listed on the sidebar, and then even later noticing the church leadership humor tag on this post, i seem to be the unaware one here….

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