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    Justin Bieber:  Christian

    Justin Bieber:  Christian

    First of all... let me get this out:  I surely hope that Justin Bieber's glasses do not start hitting the worship leader circuit.  That said, in American culture, we value celebrity.  So, when Justin Bieber 'comes out' and says he is a Christian... it makes the press.  Should any of us care?

    Well... yes and no.

    From a purely personal standpoint, I will rejoice when anyone claims the name of Christ.

    Should it make a difference to me whether its someone famous or someone two doors down?  No.  But it does many times.

    Is Justin Bieber being "Christian" important to my 14 year old daughter?  Uh... yeah... probably so.

    I think so many times as Christians, we want to count people the world considers as important as being a part of our team.  Like it's a scorecard or something.

    (Hey... we just got Justin Bieber!  YESSS!!!!)

    Why do we do this?  Is it healthy?  Is it just human nature?

    I don't know... but it bothers me sometimes about myself.

    Justin... I'm glad to have you 'on the team'... but just as glad to have everyone else who is not nearly as famous as you.

    At least, that's what I'm telling myself.


    What do YOU think?


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    1. Josh Hatcher on Wed, November 03, 2010

      My hope is that in the midst of his celebrity, he can continue to uphold the reputation that he just claimed.

      Miley Cyrus made the same claim.
      Britney Spears made the same claim.

      And in the end, their actions have done DAMAGE to the cause of Christ.

      I say we pray the a person with so much influence can continue to represent Christ in a positive way to the youth of our nation.

    2. Todd Rhoades on Wed, November 03, 2010

      Yeah, we could make almost as long a list of celebrities that have damaged as have helped.  That’s for sure.

      But you’re right… a prayer for those who people are watching; and who are under much different pressure than I would ever face, is probably a wise approach.


    3. Leonard on Wed, November 03, 2010

      I hope so!  I mean God’s will is that all men be saved.

    4. keith on Wed, November 03, 2010

      It’s human nature: we get someone famous/significant/popular/important on “our side” and become excited because that VALIDATES “our side.” It doesn’t, really, but we think it does, and we want others to think it does.

      If it’s any consolation, Christians aren’t the only ones who do it. I’ve lived in Muslim countries for 11 years and can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told Neil Armstrong, Jaques Cousteau, and Cat Stevens converted to Islam! as if that should impress me enough to covert to Islam, too. (BTW the first two didn’t, the latter did).

    5. pastormatt on Thu, November 04, 2010

      Is he trying to be sneaky about it with those glasses? smile 

      My hope for him is my hope for all followers of Christ—that we would use what we have to glorify the One who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light.

    6. Jan on Fri, November 05, 2010

      I had a student in one of my classes with glasses like that and every time I looked at her I had to hold in a giggle.

      I guess it’s great that an individual of influence is claiming Christ as Savior.  But I see a lot of this where I live and am skeptical for a lot of reasons.  I make it a personal habit to pray for these folks.  They have a tough life.  And it’s especially tough when you are a kid.

    7. George on Fri, November 05, 2010

      I don’t think we should judge anyone. If they are Christian and say it, it’s their prerogative. we can’t be perfect humans all the time. we fall. Celebrities fall. But we ought lovingly correct each other and forgive each other, ought we not?

    8. Christopher Fontenot on Fri, November 05, 2010


      If we shouldn’t judge anyone, then how can we ever distinguish the false teachers of which Scripture warns?  We should never judge hypocritically which is what Jesus taught in Matthew 7. 

      It has never been God’s habit to save the famous or the very wealthy.  God habitually saves the nobody’s and the lowest caste of society. It is His foolishness that is wiser than men.  I have to question the profession of someone who makes an effort to fan the flames of lust in young women all in an effort to sell more tickets, albums and tee shirts.  True Christians pursue holiness and not worldliness.  I hope for his sake that he is a Christian but his actions speak differently.

    9. Leonard on Fri, November 05, 2010

      If you live in the United stated you are in the top 4-9% of the worlds wealthiest people.  So I guess were all screwed.  Over 300 million people live in abject poverty in India, and enslaved to Hinduism. They must be special to him. 

      God is willing that no man should perish and that all men come to him.  I fairly certain rich, poor, old, young successful and failures. 


      I agree, we should never judge people hypocritically.

    10. Christopher Fontenot on Fri, November 05, 2010

      If God is sovereign (and He is) and all things are in His providential control (and they are) then could anyone perish if God wished they didn’t?  Is the will of man more powerful than the will of God?

    11. Rev. K. A. Christian on Sat, November 06, 2010

      Todd, its been a while since I commented on your post…
      to add my 2 cents about Justin Beiber claims (confession) of Christianity. IMO, he is no different from the average Christian, but he does have a great responsibility. By him being a secular cele, he can influence other young people to follow Christ. The double-edge sword of his celeb status can also be a stumbling block to many. How he live Christ is the factor. Having three daughters two of them who loves his singing, I pray for his and all others strength to live Christ everyday…

      In short, if he lives Christ its a gain…

    12. rbud on Wed, November 10, 2010

      Who’s Justin Bieber?

    13. Gary H on Wed, November 10, 2010

      I rejoice with him.  I’ll pray for him that he becomes a follows Jesus as a disciple not just in name only.

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