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    Lakewood Church Proposes to Purchase Liechtenstein

    During services this past Sunday Osteen unveiled his vision before the congregation which now meets in a former sports arena. Osteen stressed the need for unity among the members of the congregation.

    “It’s time for us to take our vision elsewhere.” He stated. “We need a place we can call our own. It’s time to start thinking towards the future, and our future is in having our own country. The vision begins here today. We’re going to purchase Liechtenstein and call it Laketenstein!”

    The congregation’s response was more than enthusiastic, and now the church has committed itself to a 5 billion dollar fund raising campaign to establish its own country.

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    Tominthebox reports that Lakewood church in Houston has over 29,000 members. The small European country of Liechtenstein has a population of just over 33,000. For Joel Osteen, the church's pastor, the size is just about right for their congregation. "Quite frankly we've outgrown the Houston area." Said Osteen. "It's time to look elsewhere, perhaps at a place where our whole church family can stick together and live closely."


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    1. Leonard on Fri, May 11, 2007

      I could actually hear his voice as I read it.

    2. Rusty on Fri, May 11, 2007

      I can see the “Laketenstein” delegate at the UN now.

      Look Iran, I know you’re upset but you’ve got to stop acting like a vicTIM and start acting like a vicTOR.  You’ve got to leave your baggage behind.  God wants you to have a victorious life and sittin’ back and whinin’ and complainin’ Israel this and the Jews that isn’t going to get you anywhere.  That’s not how Pastor Joel and Victoria ended up in their mansion.  That’s not how Joel’s daddy started our church and now his dream lives on.  That’s not how you fly first class to Vail and get kicked off the pl…  Well, nevermind that last one.  Don’t forget to buy Pastor Joel’s new book!

    3. nora on Fri, May 11, 2007

      Very funny, Rusty!!

    4. bill on Tue, May 29, 2007

      Are you for real???

      Jones, Koresh, Smith, Young, Moon…............................Olsteen….............

      Whether this is true, a ‘Olsteen Joke of the Day” or whatever, sometimes I am so glad I have a very small work and we meet the needs of thsoe whom I serve!

      Oh by the way, such thoughts are seeded into the minds of those who are ‘easy’ and I would not be suprised if JO raises his admission prices to his conferences to make the down payment (no matter where - even if it is on the moon - - - - -  then will they be called “moonies.”

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