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    Losing my Religion…

    Scroll down to watch the video…

    "We stopped serving religion for one Sunday to see what would happen...What happened was... people freaked. From the good folks at Community Christian Church...


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    1. Nora on Fri, April 18, 2008

      VERY Funny!!!  Next time I go to McDonald’s, I’m going to ask them to “Supernatural That” and see if that makes my value meal any more spiritual, lol!

    2. Drew Dyck on Fri, April 18, 2008

      Hilarious! Maybe we should stop “serving religion” to people who show up to church twice a year. At least they’d have some reaction.

      Drew Dyck

    3. Mark on Fri, April 18, 2008

      Hi Drew.

      Sorry to hear that my coming to church only twice a year was annoying you.  So as not to cause any more offence I’ll stop going to church all together.  I bought a lake house with the money I saved on the tithes.  I’ll just go there on the weekends from now on.

      Once again, sorry I was inconveniencing you at the church only twice a year. I’ll try my best not to annoy you any further.

    4. Andy Wood on Fri, April 18, 2008

      Wow.  Reminds me of some old messages I heard years ago about “cafeteria-style” Christianity - religion made to order.

      Good stuff.

      Mark, you can drop by our place twice a year.  Leave your tithes at home.  I may want to talk to you about that lake house, though.

    5. Dave - The Cubicle Reverend on Fri, April 18, 2008

      I’m sorry, I didn’t find it all that funny.  Lately all I seem to see Christians do is take something that has already been done, like the Mac Vs. Pc commercials, and try to spoof it.  Why not do something original?

    6. jimmy on Fri, April 18, 2008

      Lighten up Dave.  You gotta get outta the cubicle every once in a while dude.

      I thought it was funny.  I especially like the chick who said, “I’m not coming here twice a year anymore.”  That’s great!

    7. Pete Wilson on Sun, April 20, 2008

      Sadly true. Thanks for sharing Todd!

    8. Dave - The Cubicle Reverend on Sun, April 20, 2008

      I’m out of the cubicle a lot mate.  I just don’t find it funny.  Sorry.

    9. CS on Sun, April 20, 2008

      The title of the clip was “Burger King of Kings.”  Next thing you know, it’ll be another parody featuring Carl’s Jr. serving up the “Happy Star in The East.” 


    10. Chris on Mon, April 21, 2008

      I’m with Dave. I don’t think it’s all that funny, although I agree with the statement they’re making. At least the video gets the point across.

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