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    Mark Driscoll To Publish Study Bible

    The Mark Driscoll R-Rated Study Bible for Dudes. Freak out your reformed Baptist friends with Mark Driscoll’s comedic, rude and radically male centered interpretations of scripture. This is a study Bible that reaches the emerging culture while denouncing the emerging church. A fashion section helps you to see the scriptural mandates for mechanic’s shirts and hemp necklaces. Puzzlingly endorsed by John Piper, an alternative sheet of negative endorsements from various reformed bloggers is available on request. Profanity in red letters. Crude and shocking sexual episodes in blue. Bible doctrine is related to MMA throughout.

    Read more about the other new Bibles coming out here at

    OK… just in case you didn’t get the joke… this IS a joke.  No Mark Driscoll study bible… no profanity in red letters; or sexual episodes in blue.  There’s no Kelly study bible either.  Matter of fact, I love both guys and their ministries!

    Our friends at have the skinny on all the new study Bibles coming out this year. Tim Keller has a new "Reason for a Study Bible" Study Bible hitting bookstores in the fall. Al Mohler has an "Encyclopedic Punditry Study Bible" that will be sold exclusively at Lifeway Stores. And Paula White has the "What the ..." Study Bible that will be out in the spring. But the one that I can't wait to get my hands on is the Mark Driscoll R-Rated Study Bible for Dudes. Here's the description...


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    1. DanielR on Thu, October 23, 2008

      Todd, dude!  I go away for a little while and I come back and decide to check out MMI again and what do I find?  A bunch of (expletive deleted) arguing about the merits of funny (or not funny) satirical article about the over-abundance of study bibles and Mark Driscoll.

      Folks, it’s satire.  Get it or don’t get it, but get over it.  If you don’t think Driscoll is funny, I’m sure he’s OK with that.  If you find him offensive, he’s OK with that too. 

      If you find fault with WHAT he teaches (not HOW he teaches) then he would probably want to know and be concerned.

      If you are not familiar with Driscoll, go to youtube and watch some videos of him teaching and preaching.  I think he’s truly gifted.  It could be a real eye opener.

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