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    Merry Christmas from Todd to You…


    PS—You can ‘elf’ yourself or someone you love by going here.

    About the Author: Todd Rhoades is the Managing Editor and Publisher of (MMI as most of us know it). Besides spending a good amount of time maintaining this website, Todd is on the staff of Leadership Network, helping large churches to better connect, innovate, and multiply what they do best. Todd was also the founder of, until he sold the site in 2005. Todd lives with his wife, Dawn, and four children in Bryan, OH. He can be reached at .

    I'm not much of a dancer; but I wanted to do all I could to make this Christmas special for you; so I put together this little dance routine and decided to post it for your possible pleasure. Merry Christmas everyone.


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    1. Camey on Fri, December 22, 2006


      Wow. Move over Emmitt Smith…. (hey! I’m from Texas remember?)

      Ain’t no one got style like a man in red and white tights with a green dress on. I’m just sayin’.....

      Thanks for the present. No, really. It’s too much.

      Huge smile,


    2. Peter Hamm on Fri, December 22, 2006

      That is just plain goofy, Todd!

      Love the shoes.

    3. Carole on Fri, December 22, 2006

      Love the dancing Elf!!

      I wanted to wish “Monday Morning Insight” a very Merry Christmas! I read your blog daily and I love the “insight” I get from it.

      Thank you and God bless!


    4. Leonard on Fri, December 22, 2006

      HO, HO, HO, Now get back to the toy shop.   I will use this to surprise my youth pastor with an all church e-mail.  Thanks Todd for your ministry.  Merry Christmas to all of you who read, comment and instruct my faith and heart, God’s best to you.  Todd, thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. 


    5. danield on Fri, December 22, 2006

      My day is now complete. I have been morphed to an elf as well. Thanks Todd. My 6 and 3 year olds (who are rolling on the floor) thank you.

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