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    Mosaic Church Enters Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest

    Mosaic Church Enters Doritos Super Bowl Ad Contest

    According to the Christian Post:  A Doritos chip commercial made by a Southern California megachurch is among the final top six contestants battling it out for a commercial spot during the Super Bowl.

    Mosaic Church, with main campuses in the Los Angeles area, beat out more than 4,000 entries in the Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest to make the top six. The top three entries will be aired during the 2010 Super Bowl – Super Bowl XLIV – which will be played on Feb. 7.

    “It’s a miracle and a divine comedy that we’ve made it this far,” says Erwin McManus, senior pastor of Mosaic and the producer of “Casket,” according to USA Today. “I think it’s God’s sense of humor.”

    Mosaic’s 30-second commercial is called “Casket” and is about a man whose last wish is to be buried in “a giant casket with Doritos [chips].” The man, however, is only pretending to be dead and is shown enjoying Doritos chips in his coffin and watching a football game while his friends and family mourn during his funeral service.

    You can read more here...

    //I think this is very creative.  Why not?


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    1. Mark Fogarty on Wed, January 13, 2010

      Those are some pretty hurting emoticons on this website… had I known how tacky they would have looked I would have never added them.

    2. JOB on Wed, January 13, 2010

      I’m not making any demands on anyone,  ref away, I hope your better then the ones at my sons game yesterday. Peace.

    3. Peter Hamm on Wed, January 13, 2010

      The emoticons are really creepy.

    4. robbie on Wed, January 13, 2010

      people need to remember this church is in LA.  Many of their members work for movie studios.  I am sure a lot of them helped.  Mosiac has the best musicians, movie makers, designers.  They all do it for big studios. So its not like they are spending money to make commercials.  They do encourage their members to be artistic and use their gifts for God.

    5. CS on Thu, January 14, 2010

      I found an article that summarizes my feelings about this whole idea of everything behind this commercial pretty eloquently and simply.  I’d recommend giving it a read:


    6. JOB on Fri, January 15, 2010

      To Whom it may concern,

      A representative from Mosaic responded to my question and let me know the short video was funded independent of Mosaic’s tithes and offerings.

      I apologize that my comments suggested otherwise.


    7. Peter Hamm on Sat, January 16, 2010

      Thanks for that update, John. I suspected that might be the case.

    8. Leonard on Sat, January 16, 2010

      Thanks JOB for that.

    9. Jules on Mon, January 25, 2010

      I attend Mosaic. No money from the church went towards this project. The pastor owns a production company on the side, and the group he worked with all donated their OWN money to fund this.

    10. john on Sat, February 06, 2010

      I am struggling to understand what tithes has to do with this discussion. We are in a new and better covenant. And our giving is unto the lord, from a joyful heart—I hope. We all have ideas and opinions, some possibly better than others—not all sheep feel the jerk of the staff hook—but they still need shepherds. So lets measure out a little of that grace our lord has lavished on us, putting aside our astute opinions and try something novel. Lets pray that our all powerful Father will bring great good out of this video, and cut our brothers and sisters some slack. I think sometimes God would rather have us make a mistake than do nothing ( like the servant with one talent of silver). Be God’s

    11. Matt on Sun, February 07, 2010

      This commercial has nothing to do with the atoning sacrifice of Christ; nor does this Mosaic ‘‘church”.  I doubt that mega churches and this similar ilk will neverget it.  The cross is an offense . The gospel will never be cool ,hip or whatever word you want to use.

    12. bathroom fitter in manchester on Mon, February 22, 2010

      it�s like I�m being partially paid by Pepsi� so it�s like I work for Pepsi� so it�s like I tacitly endorse their agenda to promote equal rights for homosexuals� so�

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