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    MySpace Gives Pastor ‘Prophetic’ Edge

    hough he publicly refers to the Worldwide Web as the “Worldwide Waste” and e-mail as “sin-mail,” in his home office is a bank of computer screens with more than 170 bookmarked sites — personal web pages, blogs, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, Flickr and more. Each week Alton surfs the sites for hours to find evidence of questionable behavior by people in his church. He jots offenses down and incorporates them into his Sunday sermons.

    You can read much more here at

    According to, "Last Sunday, pastor Irwin Alton, 62, preached against several specific sins during his sermon. Some people in the audience gasped with recognition. "When he talked about skipping mid-week service to go to the lake, and buying a new boat when you haven’t tithed, I felt nailed to my pew," said one man. "It was like the Holy Spirit was speaking right to me."

    But it wasn’t the Holy Spirit — it was the man’s own blog where he had posted photos of himself and his buddies on his new boat on a Wednesday evening. Pastor Alton, who cultivates a reputation as a computer illiterate techno-phobe, is actually an avid reader of MySpace pages, blogs and personal websites of the people in his congregation. "I appear, shall we say, un-hip," he says. "Therein lies my advantage..."


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, September 26, 2008

      What a great ministry strategy!

    2. Steve Patton on Fri, September 26, 2008

      Fortunately, LarkNews is the Christian equivalent to The Onion so there is no reason to be alarmed on this one.

    3. Josh Hatcher on Fri, September 26, 2008

      I was about to say the same thing.

      Lark News is a hoax site meant to look like Christian news…

      I’m not sure if it’s made by Christians or just made to make fun of Christians…

      I laugh whenever I read it, because I also think WE can be idiots from time to time, so I get the joke….

      Not everyone does….

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