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    Nashville Flood Relief—Your Help Is Needed.

    Nashville Flood Relief—Your Help Is Needed.

    Devestating floods have hit Nashville and other areas of the South over the weekend.  The waters are still rising.  Pete Bishop, the pastor at Cross Point in Nashville is reporting that many of their members have lost everything; and many do NOT have flood insurance.

    Cross Point has closed their offices today and is encouraging all of their staff to get out in the community and help with flood relief.  The church has started a special flood fund where you (or your church) can help with the church's relief efforts. 

    Here's the link:

    Follow Pete's blog for more updates on the flood and how Cross Point is being the hands and feet of Christ...

    (and take a moment to pray for those knocked out of their homes in Nashville and surrounding areas).






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    1. Sue Brage on Mon, May 03, 2010

      I am always impressed with Pete WIlson’s leadership. You can follow him on twitter: @petewilson ; or visit his website.
      Thanks for sharing!

    2. Michael Ray on Mon, May 03, 2010

      I would also suggest Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort as a place you can give to in order to help the folks in Nashville, which is headquartered in Nashville. They’ve been around for 20+ years and are experts at dealing with this kind of disaster. I’ve been at two churches who’ve been on the receiving end of supplies and highly recommend their work. They can be found online at:

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