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    Needy, Affirmation-Hungry Women Willing to Look Past Paula White’s Divorce

    “I don’t see nothin’ in the Bible about divorce, no sir,” said one woman who pledged to steadfastly stand by her pastor “come hell or high water.”

    A woman wearing a “Without Walls Seed Sower” t-shirt, said she has given $14,000 of her nursing salary to the church this year and “wish I could give more.”

    “I’m sure she’ll come up with a reason [for the divorce] someday, and I’m sure it’ll be good,” she says. “I buy it already.”

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    According to, Thousands of esteem-deficient women gave pastor Paula White a standing ovation during her first public appearance after announcing she was leaving her husband, Randy, for no apparent reason...


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, October 12, 2007

      What’s scary about this one is how true it could be. I mean, if you had told me it wasn’t from the Lark, I might have believed it… especially here in America.

    2. michael on Fri, October 12, 2007

      i like this…we may have to post this as more stupidity in our church…

    3. Edmond Long on Sun, October 14, 2007

      Since TBN is rethinking Matthew 19 (what does tha mean?), maybe we all should rethink 1 Timothy 2.12. Given Paula’s lack of a biblical basis for her divorce, and the responses by her supporters, one wonders if we are even dealing with Christianity at all. TBN wants to keep here because she’s popular (read: she make’s money), so they’re going to rethink the biblical teachings on divorce (are we surprised yet?). Her followers will wait for her to give a reason for the divorce. Her reason doesn’t matter though: they buy it already.

    4. Jim on Mon, October 15, 2007

      I suppose it’s a lot easier to Pastor a Church, if you’re not hampered by that old thinking theology, and that book they call the Bible.  The next announcement I’m looking for from Paula is a request for 200K to rebuild her “threshing floor” prayer room, as well.  And, I do believe that with a substantial donation that it comes with a “Without Walls Seed-Sower” t-shirt.  Add that to the wedding video discount, and you may cut your Christmas shopping in half.

      God help us….please!

    5. tunde stephen on Thu, November 01, 2007

      Certainly, the subtle teaching of lovers of their own selves has perpetually eaten up the american church. It is very surprising the decadense and corruptive character of most preachers on the pulpit in the name of the gospel. The divorce episode and the embarrassing ovation some so called women gave is a sour taste in the taste of any genuine believer. This all put a big question mark on the TBN. What are they projecting in the name of Jesus. We noe have a lot of people and so called preachers that lacked the character of christ but have the widsom of the world. What is the difference between Paula White and women in the world that does not know Christ. Surley we are in the perilious times. 2tim 3: 1-7

    6. elizabeth dunni on Thu, November 01, 2007

      shame, shame , shame. all these stuff about paula’s divorce is nothing but a proof of a lack of proper foundation. The wind is now blowing, the rain is falling and the flood is fierce but the spiritual structure of this woman and her followers cant stand the tests of thier faith. It is pathetic that the words of Christ can now be broken so conviniently by so called servants of HIs. This calls for lamentation and intercession for as many as preaching another gospel bcos they have recieved another spirit. 2cor 11:2-3 Anyone that breaks the word of God will be broken. Let it be known that there are some of us that will not be caught with or in these inferior substitutes. Let us continue to contend for the faith that was once delivered unto us.

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