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    Nine Reasons Jesus Wasn’t Poor

    Nine Reasons Jesus Wasn’t Poor

    Hmmm... your thoughts?


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    1. Peter Hamm on Tue, March 23, 2010

      What an absolute travesty of eisogesis! Thanks for posting!

    2. Tim Brister on Tue, March 23, 2010

      Unreal. That’s about as biblical as saying Jesus was a woman because he had long hair.

    3. CS on Tue, March 23, 2010

      Oh, boy.  Let’s take this apart one by one.

      1.  Jesus was showered with great treasures as a young child.  But, we have no record of where these went or for what purposes they were used.  Given how He helped the poor and how poor His family was, they may have been gone before they went to the Temple when He was 12.

      2.  He had some wealthy men around Him like Matthew, but consider the response of someone like Zacchaeus when encountered by Jesus.  The actions that Zacchaeus promised to take would have likely bankrupted him in repaying all the thievery he did.  Also, consider the, “camel through the eye of the needle,” parable.

      3.  And just how much were they paid, and what was the enumeration?

      4.  You don’t have to be rich to feed the hungry.  Especially when you have supernatural powers to change fish and bread into a feast for the masses.

      5.  And how much money did Judas hold?  Even a poor junior high school club will have a treasurer.

      6.  Some of the most poor people around consider themselves rich.  And many who are poor would never admit to it.

      7.  See point number 4.

      8.  To what house was this person referring?  What about that whole, “The foxes have dens, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head,” statement?

      9.  He had one good robe.  That’s it. 

      Honestly, this guy needs to do his homework and go research the words, “penetes,” and, “ptochoi.”


    4. Christopher Fontenot on Tue, March 23, 2010


    5. @StevenPatton on Tue, March 23, 2010

      I’ve heard and believed these arguments before. Jesus was poor. Bottom line. He wasnt a derelict, but he was poor.

      How did he feed the poor? Scripture says there were women w/ Him that funded His ministry. The team wasn’t getting the salary this guy gets. They didn’t leave “everything and follow” Him for a better paying job. Didn’t Jesus have a confrontation with the Pharisees because the disciples were grabbing wheat off of the stalk on the Sabbath? If you had money like that, just stop somewhere and pay someone to feed you, right?

      Jesus wore nice clothes. Gotcha. I’m not a rich man at all but I have 2 pair of $300 Italian leather shoes. How? Someone who IS rich bought them for me because of the impact I had on their children. How much more impact did Jesus have than lil ol’ me? Could it be possible someone GAVE Him these nice clothes (in reference to the seemless clothes they were casting lots for)? Could it be that Jesus had ONE really nice article of clothing to wear to His final passover meal with His disciples before going to the cross?

      I find it funny that the same people who say “Jesus wasn’t poor” are the same people who use “...who was made poor that we might be rich…” to prove God wants us rich.

      This imagage of Jesus has had the same effects on the poor that the white image of Jesus had on slaves - “Jesus is far from you because He is not like you.” I’ve seen it happen and I continue to see it. I guess Jesus didn’t really have THE good news for the poor after all. And if you say good news for the poor is “they don’t have to be poor no more” I’ll lay hands on you suddenly.


    6. Arthur Werry on Tue, March 23, 2010

      9 “Bible” reasons and then not one reference to the Bible?

      Preaching is easy when you just make up stuff as you go along.

    7. Steve on Tue, March 23, 2010

      Jesus was rich, but not according to man’s finite abilities.  If Jesus could raise the dead, heal the sick, and multiply food…he lived on a higher plane that mere humanity.  But Jesus gave it all up to become one of us.  So while here, He totally trusted in the Father.  He said that if we believe we would do the same works.  If we truly trust in Jesus (like He did the Father) we would experience the same type of ministry He did.  (Remember, He told us to.)  But we must stop comparing the “true” riches to earthly stuff.  It goes so much farther than that!

    8. Deek Dubberly on Tue, March 23, 2010


    9. Jason Deuman on Tue, March 23, 2010

      What the what? I wonder if the nice clothes he’s talking about was the robe the roman gave him?

    10. David Insell on Tue, March 23, 2010

      Money seems to be a hot button topic. I understand why people are turned off by what we see on T.V.  Jesus was poor in comparison to what he left when he became a man. He was rich in that He knew who His source was. I can’t see where He ever did without but I don’t think He was a millionaire either. Let’s be balanced. I don’t think being belligerent about people who are in excess is the answer either. They make me angry too but I don’t see where the cause of Christ is served calling each other names either.

    11. Ted Carnahan on Fri, March 26, 2010

      Just wanted to point out on #5 that Judas was a thief, who used to steal what was put into the common purse.  (John 12.6)  With the “blessing” of a treasurer like that, sign me right up for the prosperity gospel!

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