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    OK… So Pat Robertson Really DIDN’T say this

    OK… So Pat Robertson Really DIDN’T say this

    Pat Robertson is defending himself this week saying that he did not say the Chilean earthquake was the result of Chile's pact with the Chupacabra, or goat-sucker, a devilish beast blamed for livestock deaths across Latin America.

    In fact, Pat never said this.  It was the invention of a satirical website.

    But, not wanting Robertson going on the record for saying something stupid, CBN released this statement:

    Pat Robertson made no such comments about the Chilean people making a pact with demons. The story currently circulating on the Internet is completely false and was posted by someone as a joke. However, some very ill informed bloggers are now reporting it as if it were true.

    In a related story, CBN also says Pat Robertson never said this:

    Regardless of whether or not your a Pat Robertson fan, it's rather ironic that Robertson's people would issue this press release to set the record straight on Chile when essentially the same remark was made about Haiti.  Or is that just me?




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    1. Leonard on Tue, March 09, 2010

      Kind of funny in a sad sort of way

    2. josh r on Tue, March 09, 2010

      While I think Pat Robertson’s Haiti statements where poorly stated,  I think the Christians that are ascribing a false message and a false heart to them oughta be ashamed of their Gossip. 

      Robertson’s heart in the matter was not “They had it coming” He heart if you listen to the comments in context where “This is a long suffering people who desprately need the light of Jesus” 

      Anyone who is bashing Robertson and implying that he was in anyway celebrating or saying that their suffering was something that they had coming,  is making matters worse, and spreading an untruth.

    3. Oliver on Tue, March 09, 2010

      sorry josh r, couldn’t disagree more, this context stuff is ridiculous, I heard the interview in its whole, it was a stupid ignorant insensitive comment that shows what is at the heart of a lot of christian conservatism.  What is the truth is that Haiti is where it is because of the good ol’ usa policy of racial oppression- go read a history book on Haiti, what you will find is a nation that had the first ever slave revolt and was punished by usa and europe for it with an economic embargo that crippled it, what you will find is us interference with its governemtn to put into power dictators that oppressed their people, what you will find is the dirty truth of history that we are more responsble for haiti’s condition, they did make a pact with the devil- it was us!

    4. Pastor Matt on Wed, March 10, 2010

      your -> you’re

      tsk tsk

    5. Sue on Wed, March 10, 2010

      Thanks, Oliver!  You are right.

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