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    One Day At a Time… Remix

    Tony McCollum writes, "I made a joke about how that verse always reminds me of the Cristy Lane song “One Day at a Time” and then I mentioned the “fact” that I had a music ministry before I started preaching and I had actually recorded this song myself. I then showed this video as proof..."

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    1. Danny on Fri, April 20, 2007

      That was funnier than I expected.

    2. SLW on Fri, April 20, 2007

      Ha, That was great! I thought it was Toby Keith at first!

    3. Leonard on Fri, April 20, 2007

      Didn’t I see this on the Gaithers vocal hour?

    4. Tony McCollum on Fri, April 20, 2007

      You wouldn’t believe the emails and comments I’ve been getting since we posted this thing to on my blog and youtube.  Crazy!

      Thanks for the link, Todd!

    5. RevJeff on Fri, April 20, 2007

      I thought I recognized that song from Sri Lanka!

    6. Peter Hamm on Sat, April 21, 2007

      the One Day At A Time Spanish version is great but I think I’m going to order this… just for Tony’s version of “Who Let The Dogs Out?”

    7. sunday school program on Mon, February 21, 2011

      You have the love the remixed version of this it made me laugh out loud. When somebody can incorporate faith and humor, they can certainly make a difference. I am a huge fan.

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