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    Pay for Performance Compensation for Pastor Stirs Controversy

    “Carrying out the Great Commission is a quantifiable activity,” says PayPerform creator Kevin Dolan. “Public companies don’t tolerate sub-par performance. They oust bad CEOs and reward good ones. Why should churches be any different? Our mission is vastly more important.”

    Programs like the PayPerform Accountability System use in-depth demographic studies to set targets for a specific church’s attendance, conversions and “capture and retention” rates of visitors. It even determines what the average tithe level should be, based on local giving rates.

    “We love it,” says one church board member. “It gives us something to stand on instead of the soft and mushy goals we used to make up every year out of thin air.”

    Though Dolan says PayPerform was created to replace “scattershot efforts at evangelism” with hard data and give people a sense of confidence in their mission, PayPerform has hit some churches hard. Pastors don’t like being monitored so closely. Some say it promotes numbers over discipleship, and that the conversion targets are too aggressive.

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    LarkNews reports that last month of Big Valley Church noticed their pastor dressing nicer, giving more passionate altar calls and making more frequent appeals for volunteers. What they didn’t know was that the church board had quietly begun using PayPerform, a program that determines how well a pastor is performing in ministry, how much he should be paid, and at what point he should be fired...


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    1. Camey on Fri, November 02, 2007

      OUCH! This one can be alittle close to home… er da truth…

      Personally, I thought the story about the worship leader closing his eyes and forgetting where he was at was even better. Peter? Peter? Hello, Peter?

      I think I"ll purchase some of those Next Generation shirts, bibs, and bodysuits for some of the women in my parenting class on Tuesday mornings. Maybe that would help put some things in perspective for them. Too funny!

    2. Jim on Fri, November 02, 2007

      This is a frightening trend.  If we pay for results, then performance and entertainment could easily become the goal.  If this the goal for churches to establish success, then how would the Apostle Paul be evaluated?  According to Scripture, Paul was run out of several cities to keep from being put to death for the Gospel message.  By this evaluative criteria, Paul would be fired, most likely.  Or, or at the very least, he would lose his raise and clothing allowance. 

      When we use business standards to evaluate the effectivness of ministries, we run the risk of losing the Gospel message, which needs to be challanging, at times, and not entertaining, or “warm and fuzzy”.

    3. Bart on Sat, November 03, 2007

      OK, lots of tongue in cheek humor here, but we are all or should be all paid on performance.  Are my sermons well prepared and delivered?  Do I keep things in order?  Am I visiting the sick and shut ins?  Am I reaching out to the community? Am I encouraging and challenging the church spiritually?  If not, then I am not “performing” my calling and should not be paid.  If it is not on performance I am no longer going to any meetings, do serrmons, or sheperd the flock.  Just sent my check.  Or better yet, let’s do direcct deposit.

    4. Peter Hamm on Sun, November 04, 2007


      When I shut my eyes that one time, I fell asleep… so I don’t do it anymore…

    5. Leonard Lee on Mon, November 05, 2007

      I almost earned my full bonus package this weekend by having at least three conversions and a re-dedication.  If only the Jones’ had placed their membership.

    6. Mark Layon on Wed, October 08, 2008

      I agree with you Jim, whenever we pay for the results, performance and entertainment could easily become the goal.  If this the goal for churches to establish success, then how would the Apostle Paul be evaluated? I total agree with you.  IT certifications

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    9. John - linkin park songs on Mon, June 08, 2009

      “I almost earned my full bonus package this weekend by having at least three conversions and a re-dedication.  If only the Jones’ had placed their membership.”

      What are you talking about???

    10. it certification on Sun, June 28, 2009

      Advocates in various counties across Maryland are teaming up to lobby for elected school boards in their respective systems.

      The newly created Maryland Coalition for Elected Boards of Education includes representatives from Baltimore County, Caroline County, Harford County and Baltimore City.

      In a press release: “Only 7 out of 24 school boards in Maryland are still appointed by the governor 646-204. The group maintains that the time has come for all Maryland citizens to have the right to elect their own board of education.” (Baltimore’s board is jointly appointed by the mayor and the governor.)

      Last year, Republican Del. Barry Glassman drafted a bill that would have phased in a blend of elected and appointed board members in Harford County, but that measure was stymied in committee SY0-201. This year, Sen. Glassman has introduced a bill requiring that all members of the Harford County School Board be elected 640-460.

      We debated the pros and cons of elected vs. appointed boards here not too long ago… which structure do you prefer?

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    12. Gold Coins on Sun, July 26, 2009

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