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    Public’s Trust of Church Leaders:  45% (at least in Canada)

    Public’s Trust of Church Leaders:  45% (at least in Canada)

    It's a new poll out from Ipsos Reid in Canada.  At least in Canada... 45% of people say they trust church leaders.  (That figure is unchanged from the survey taken in 2003).  That ranks above chiropractors, mechanics, journalists, and lawyers; but trails soldiers, doctors, and airline pilots.

    The biggest losers over the last ten years:  Pharmacists and Doctors (down 25 and 22% respectively).  The winners:  Local politicians and National politicians (both up 16%)

    I'm not sure if this type of poll is done in the US; but I think that politicians stock would not be on the rise.

    And I'm not sure that church leaders would get a 46% approval rating either?

    Lowest on the list:  Car Sales People.

    Go figure.

    You can read more here...

    QUESTION:  Who do you think our society in the US respects most these days? Least?

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    1. Ricky on Wed, January 05, 2011

      I’m a car salesperson AND a youth pastor so where does that leave me? Lol

    2. Peter Hamm on Wed, January 05, 2011

      Ricky, that is funny…

    3. David on Fri, January 07, 2011

      According to the exchange rate than we pastors must be at about 34% in the US.  (Sorry, someone had to go there.)

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