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    1. Joel Smith on Thu, October 23, 2008

      Have I told you about the time that I worked for a train station and I controlled the rail road bridge?  Well, I took my son to work with me one day…......

      Or did I tell you the one about my grandma who always told me to save my fork after meals….....

      Or have I told you about the time I travelled to Africa and caught a monkey with a coconut…..

    2. David on Mon, October 27, 2008

      I love it! Could have been done better….but who am I do complain too much!  Where’d ya get the announcer? He sounds JUST like the beer commercial guy.

    3. Not Laughing on Tue, October 28, 2008

      There is nothing worse than a bad imitation of a great idea, except a concept that never should have been pursued in the first place.  I get it, it is funny, but no one benefits.  The guys that need help with their pulpit skills wouldn’t find it funny.  And how does it encourage a congregation?  Except to mock things that they aren’t in a position to change.  I’d like to see that media dept or crew work through the tough process of getting the right message before making the video.

    4. David on Tue, October 28, 2008

      I’m assuming “not laughing” is your name given at birth? Or was that a nick name given to you by all those who are frustrated at your lack of a funny bone? You should see your doctor about that. Acute lackoffunnyboneitis is one of the leading causes of an early grave (check the Bible on that one)....also one of the leading causes of people not taking YOU seriously too.

      The stress and critical nature will get to you, I know it from personal experience. Learn to laugh. Learn to smile.  It will be healing to your bones.

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