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    Rick Warren’s Secret Sin of Gluttony

    OK… actually, this is a still from a great video that Rick and Doug Fields did on a current sermon series at Saddleback.

    And lest you think my critique was not funny; some on the internet are… guess what… picking apart Rick’s role in this video; parsing his words; and making a stink about something that is purely stinkless.

    That, my friends, is NOT funny.

    Have a great weekend.  I’m off for donuts.

    You can watch the whole video here...


    We have our MMI hidden camaras set up, trying to catch trendy megachurch leaders in situations of compromise. And this is the best we could find on Rick Warren. It seems Rick's biggest sin (or 'failure' as he would call it) is that of eating donuts. Lots of them. As you can see in this picture (blurred because Warren is CLEARLY out of control), he can't just eat one at a time... he just simply pushes them all in his mouth at the same time. What is today's church coming to? I'd call this "PD Sad" (that's 'pretty darn sad').


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    1. RevJeff on Fri, March 09, 2007

      Thank God He is dealing with his problem…  Now if only we could get him to dress in a suit and tie and use the KJV he oculd have a real impact for the kingdom.

    2. Brad Raby on Fri, March 09, 2007

      It sould be noted that Todd has ‘cussed’ in this article with his use of the word ‘darn’.

    3. RevJeff on Fri, March 09, 2007

      he is SOOOOOO trendy!

    4. Brian La Croix on Fri, March 09, 2007

      Loved it!


    5. greg despres on Sat, March 10, 2007

      Funny!  It does stink getting old and losing hair and being big where we used to be small and small where we used to be big…the old furniture’s disease…our chest falls into our drawers at work.   i just started blogging and have subscribed to your feed, look forward to learning more.

    6. PastorBUN on Mon, March 26, 2007

      Lord, Please forgive these group of people for focusing at the wrong thing & posted in this website.

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