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    Robert A. Schuller:  If I were still there, it would be a different story

    Robert A. Schuller:  If I were still there, it would be a different story

    How does a church get $43 million in debt?  This ABC news segment attempts to explain how the Crystal Cathedral got into the mess it's in.  It includes an interview with Robert A. Schuller (the son), and Angie Schuller (Robert H. Schuller's granddaughter).

    A couple of interesting quotes:  Robert A. Schuller:  "I think if I were still the leader there it would be a different story today."

    Angie Schuller Wyatt (Robert H. Schuller's granddaughter) said, "When you mix faith, family and fame, it's a toxic combination . . . when people start vying for positions of power and I think that's what led to the Crystal Cathedral's crumbling."

    Here's the ABC video:

    What do you think?



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    1. bobby on Tue, October 26, 2010

      Robert Jr. might be right, but there are certain things you don’t need to voice publicly.  That’s one of them.

      Of course, giving him some benefit of the doubt, it looked like a nice casual conversation and editing can do interesting things.  I especially loved (note sarcasm) how they attended it looks like a Sturdy evening service which would be the most empty and showed empty chairs at all the right opportunities.

    2. Peter Hamm on Tue, October 26, 2010

      The piece was more than a little biased… but I think the those who’ve left are best served by just keeping quiet at this point.

    3. Kim Aliczi on Wed, October 27, 2010

      I saw the story on ABC the other night.  What do I think?  I think God is very, very sad about this whole situation.

    4. Felicia Lynn on Wed, October 27, 2010

      Robert A Schuller is right, things would be different if he were still there.  The trouble is greed and pride are in the way of his father and sisters to ask for help.  Robert A Schuller spoke the truth and as his father and sisters are finding out the truth sometimes hurts.  The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

    5. BB on Tue, November 02, 2010

      Let’s play it out in the media and show how dysfunctional the family/ministry is.  Hate this stuff.

    6. fam. de Lann´┐Że de Betrancourt from the Netherlands on Tue, November 02, 2010

      We find it still very sad that rev. Robert A. Schuller hat to go. We are still missing the way he preached. We feeled the Holy Spirit evry week especially through him.

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