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    SBC Commissions Official Alcohol Abstinence Song/Video…

    Maybe you missed this, but this week the Southern Baptist Convention adopted an official song and music video to help promote their anti-alcohol stance. Someone high up in the SBC commissioned theologian and song writer Tim Hawkins to write and perform a song to back up their view that Christians should totally abstain from Alcohol. Warning: It's very provocative, especially for the SBC:


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    1. Gephory on Wed, July 22, 2009

      I have not been affiliated with an SBC church forover mfour years. This insanity that is the SBC makes it difficult for ANYONE to get a heraing for the gospel 000-960 dumps.

      Boycott Pepsi? Reall? It’s a company with a mission to make money. Gays are as much consumers as heterosexuals! Should we boycott Pepsi because it seeks out and sells to theological liberals, too? And, by the way, who gets hurt in these boycotts? The employees, that’s who. Families who are already struggling with a shaky economy and uncertain markets. This type statement again confirms the fact that most “Christians” only see to the end of thier nose 000-973 dumps.

      One last observation ... how many backing this little effort were against the bailout of the auto companies? How many of them said “capitalism or bust?” PepsiCo is a capitalist success story. Get yourselves into a place where you don’t contradict yourselves ... how about a resolution against anymore stupid resolutions? 000-974 dumps

      Keith Powell

      Tucson, AZ

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