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    ‘Seeker Sensitive’ is Not New…

    ...and now we have proof. Check out this never before footage from a 1950's open air meeting. Do you really think all this was necessary to reach people back then?


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, September 26, 2008

      that was hot.

      (couldn’t resist…)

    2. Richard on Fri, September 26, 2008

      You’re joking about dating it to the 1950s, right?  ‘Cause at the end, someone yelled out “Freebird.”

    3. Todd Rhoades on Fri, September 26, 2008

      Oh, Richard… I’m joking about more than the date.


    4. Leonard on Fri, September 26, 2008

      I wonder if he knows stairway to heaven?

    5. Michael on Fri, September 26, 2008

      Cracking me up

    6. Honda Fairings on Sun, September 28, 2008

      That was really hot!

    7. OverByte on Thu, October 16, 2008

      Louis Katz, inventor of the fire-breathing organ, was not yet born in 1955.

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