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    Small Church Acts Mega

    “If we build it, we believe they will come,” says pastor Rick Allen, 26, a recent Bible college graduate.

    Ninety percent of the people who attend the church participate in the service somehow, either in short dramas, humorous video clips or in traditional roles like ushering. This means that at times there is virtually no audience.

    “We sit and listen in shifts,” says one woman who is the lighting tech, third camera operator, head greeter and fifth grade Sunday school teacher.

    Instead of starting a church in some “depressing little storefront,” Allen says he decided to rent the biggest space he could find.

    “It reflects our confidence in where we’re headed,” he says.

    Get more on this story (and many others) at here...

    In another fascinating story at, Horizon Christian Fellowship, a 15-member worship band cranks out praise songs and the pastor preaches with the aid of stadium lighting and jumbo-size screens. But the church, which is only eight months old, has an average attendance of just 28.


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    1. Nora on Fri, October 12, 2007

      Sadly, I knew this was a satire piece when it said that 90 percent of the church was serving .....

    2. Peter Hamm on Sat, October 13, 2007

      Yeah, Nora, 90 percent serving sounds like a good goal actually!

      But, I’ve been in a small church plant that thought like this, and in most ways, that was a good thing!

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