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    Some People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands…

    Especially this guy, who pulls off this Joel Osteen spoof. At times he really does sound like the Joelster. Take a watch and listen...


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    1. nora on Fri, December 15, 2006


    2. Juan Montoya on Fri, December 15, 2006

      Gotta love a Friday!

    3. Leonard on Fri, December 15, 2006

      That is good.

    4. drbob on Fri, December 15, 2006

      He needs to blink a .lot more, and he for got to start with a stupid joke.

    5. Peter Hamm on Sat, December 16, 2006

      I think that was the stupid joke…

    6. Jim on Mon, December 18, 2006

      ...and it was just as theological as his church program!!!

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