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    Stephen Colbert Starts Career as Liturgical Dancer

    You have to admit... he's got the moves. Evidently, Stephen Colbert has had some exposure to liturgical dance in the past, and wanted to pass on his own version here...


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    1. deaubry on Fri, November 16, 2007


    2. Jim in NJ on Fri, November 16, 2007

      Todd -

      You’ve outdone yourself today - Mr 11% Tither, the iBible, and Stephan Colbert as a Worship Dancer. I don’t care who you are, that’s funny. Thank for for enlivening a rather down Friday at work.

      Jim in NJ

    3. Camey on Fri, November 16, 2007

      That made me think of Napolean Dynamite and made me hungry for some tots. Gee…. Where’s a Sonic when ya need one? Answer: 20 minute drive into town… Result: Cures the hunger and helps the diet. lol

      Jim in NJ… I hope your Friday gets better!

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