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    Suicide Prevention Line Pastor Falls Asleep on Phone

    Suicide Prevention Line Pastor Falls Asleep on Phone

    OK... you're a pastor that's helping with the local suicide prevention hotline.  The LAST thing you want to do is fall asleep.  But that's what one pastor in Sweden did.

    The 44 year old man, who was psychologically unstable on the other side of the phone, heard the pastor's heavy breathing as the pastor slept.  After five minutes of trying to wake the pastor up, the person gave up.  His reponse:  "I felt bad and wanted to kill myself, but I pulled myself together."


    That reminds me of the time I fell asleep sitting on the stage during a church service.  But we won't go there.

    Have you ever fallen asleep at a very uncomfortable time that you'd like to share with the world?  Please leave a comment.


    Here's the link to the news story...


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    1. Jeff on Tue, April 13, 2010

      I’ve lived far from home since we’ve been married, so I’ve had hundreds, maybe thousands of long phone conversations with my parents over the years, which I always enjoy. 

      About three years ago I was talking with my mom on the phone, or rather, at the time, she was talking to me, when I fell asleep!  I was lying on the couch (first mistake), and it had been a very long day.  I woke up and realized I had fallen asleep, and we began our conversation again with her being very understanding.

      Only time in my life when I’ve fallen asleep while on the phone!

    2. Jim B. on Tue, April 13, 2010

      Yeah, I can relate.  Some years back, my wife and I led a tour to Israel, and I scheduled to be back in the office the morning after we returned.  We didn’t get home until after midnightI, but since I had never had a problem with jet-lag, I didn’t worry about getting only a few hours of sleep.  Well…..I had an older lady come in for counseling that next morning, and I had jet-lag, horribly.  This older lady was one who spoke very softly, and in a monotone manner, and the room was warm.  Unfortunately, my heavy breathing, it couldn’t have been snoring, woke me up.  When I awakened, the lady was just sitting there staring at me.  I tried to explain, I apologized profusely, but she never returned.  In the end I learned a valuable lesson-take a day to recover after a long trip like that.

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