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    The Chances of Going to Hell…

    I think they forgot Fred Phelps.  Wonder where he’d be on this list?

    HT to Verum Serum for this one. Good news if you're a conservative. Not so good news if you happen to be Brian McLaren.


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    1. Peter Hamm on Fri, June 20, 2008

      Wow! The chart goes all the way to 120%!

      Fred Phelps would have everybody except his family at 100%, wouldn’t he?

    2. Derek on Fri, June 20, 2008

      McLaren will be ok, since he is not so sure on the existence of hell anyway…right?!?


    3. RevJeff on Fri, June 20, 2008

      FP is “off the charts”

    4. Mark on Sat, June 21, 2008

      Take another look at Matthew 6, Matthew 7, Matthew 15, Luke 20:45 and then ask yourself if the first person going straight to hell is the person who made that chart.

      I can’t find anywhere in the Bible where Jesus said it’s a Christian’s job to decide and predict who is going to heaven and who is not.

      Why do Christians so enjoy judging others even after Jesus commanded them not to do it? Should the posting of a judgement chart on a christian website be considered an obscenity just like porn is considered an obscenity? 

      Am I the only one who is disgusted by the internet Christian desperately trying to show everyone how he is the smartest guy in the room and uses charts and graphs to show how he is the only one going to heaven?

    5. Peter Hamm on Sat, June 21, 2008


      The post was intended as humor. That’s what often happens on Fridays around here.

    6. mark on Sun, June 22, 2008

      The humor of rearranging the labels on the chart above isn’t the problem.  The problem is that Christians seem to think that they are empowered by God to judge others and they build charts like the one above in their mind. And of course what ever is on your mind eventually comes across your tongue.  The humorist is perhaps the only one who has the courage to put it on paper.

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