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    The Current State of Christian Music

    The Current State of Christian Music

    This reminds me of being a teenager in the local baptist church.  How many of you played 'between the sheets' with the hymnal on Sunday nights?  If not, it's a really simple game... you just take a song title and append it with 'between the sheets'.  It made for some infantile humor sitting in the pews for a bunch of teenage boys (and girls).  So... I wondered what would happen if we played this game, not with the hymnal, but with some of the songs on the current CCLI top worship songs list...

    Blessed be your name
    Open the eyes of my heart
    Shout to the lord
    You are my king
    We fall down
    You are my all in all
    You’re worthy of my praise
    How great thou art
    Trading my sorrows
    Beautiful one

    OK… that’s enough.  Don’t tell my mother we used to play this game.

    What games did you play during church to make the time fly?  (Or better yet, when you were a teenager, what made you laugh hysterically sitting in the back row, the most likely got you called down from the pulpit?) (Those who grew up with my upbringing know what it’s like to be ‘called down’) smile



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    1. CS on Fri, August 07, 2009


      I know that it’s Friday, and you usually pick those sorts of silly stories like the Catholics advertising on their mitres, but there are some times when the story is too true to life.


    2. Matt @ The Church of No People on Fri, August 07, 2009

      Classic game!  We always just added ‘in bed’ to every phrase we could.  Made for some great fun…which I now abstain from since I am a mature adult…

    3. slw on Fri, August 07, 2009

      That’s just plain sick.

    4. Steven Crutchfield on Fri, August 07, 2009

      Dude, we used to take old rulers (with the metal edge) and rub it on the bottom of our shoes and then burn each other with it….it was great…we would also take “nail-clippers” and pinch the skin off of our fingers and stuff (don’t ask).....these would always lead to my dad “calling us down”...and sometimes making us move to the other side of the sanctuary….

      —-what were we thinking!!!!!! (good times though….)

    5. CindyK on Fri, August 07, 2009

      Sometimes I think I’m better off for not growing up in the church…

      But it does make me wonder what my 13 year old is doing not that she’s refusing to sit with me in church…

    6. Brice Basquez on Fri, August 07, 2009

      I’m so telling your mom.

    7. Leonard on Fri, August 07, 2009

      I always listened, prayed, studied the bible and helped where ever needed.  And whittled on pews with a pocket knife, pasted book covers on all the bibles, made change in the offering plate, spelled Jesus in dirt clods on the stucco wall…

    8. Peter Hamm on Fri, August 07, 2009

      How about singing Amazing Grace (or A Mighty Fortress) to the tune of Gilligans Island… Does that count as bad behavior.

      I never destroyed church property or anything, and I am also telling Todd’s mom all about this. Dude you are TOAST!

    9. Stretch Mark Mama on Fri, August 07, 2009

      My brother spent most of his teen years singing the soprano line, and then my husband spent the bulk of my college years changing all the words to the hymns. Both just to make me laugh and get me in trouble. Deviant boys.

    10. Brad Raby on Fri, August 07, 2009

      Too bad kids these days can’t be creative like this.  Internet access on their phones has them simply facebooking and texting.

    11. Ken Buck on Fri, August 07, 2009

      Take the graph and then read the lyrics to the praise song “Sweetly Broken”.  Its all too true.

    12. scott on Fri, August 07, 2009

      paper football on the hymnal was the best…..

      Being in Alabama, we also had fun on choose your hymn night by picking the one that said, “Look there is flowing a crimson tide…..”

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