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    The Definition of a Loving Husband…

    Only a loving husband would do this for his wife!

    glumbert - A Warthog Emergency


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    1. lemon detox on Fri, October 17, 2008

      Hahaha I work at a major chain restauraunt (the largest casual dining restauraunt) and have also worked for most of the other top 10 (think restaurants named after fruit+bugs and days of the week), and haha the lemons are the least you need to worry about. If you go out to eat at a busy restaurant on a friday night, trust me - all health code rules go out the door. I have been in the business almost 20 years and most of the places I have worked would make you never want to eat out again if you saw the kitchen. Cooks who never wash their hands or change the one pair of gloves they wear all day, grabbing raw chicken then putting that same gloved hand into the bin of french fries. Garbage all over the floor and counters, just a total disgusting mess in general. Now when you go out to eat at 3pm on a wednesday afternoon your odds of a clean meal are a little better, but when the pressures on, the business is boomin - the managers are so worried about trying to get the food out quickly that for the most part sanitation is non existant. Next time you think you have the ‘flu” think to yourself, “did I eat out last night?”. Good chance its mild food poisoning if you did!Regards, Richardson

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      hahaha, that was pretty funny. I wouldn’t do this to my wife, sorry dude:-)

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      I m pretty sure that i can do this for my wife ...hahaha..

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    11. jessica on Mon, December 15, 2008

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