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    The Doctrine of Hairology - Part 2

    You can listen here.

    SOURCE:  PCC Message Boards

    Have a great weekend!


    If you liked the sermon on the Doctrine of Hairology, then you're sure to love the special music that proceeded the message. It fit perfectly with Dr. G. I. Barber's message that day. It's entitled "If Your Hair's Too Long (There's Sin in Your Heart)"...


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    1. Brad Raby on Fri, February 23, 2007

      I’m concerned there may be some copyright issues here…I am almost sure that is a cut from one of the choir CDs from the church I grew up in!

    2. nathan on Fri, February 23, 2007

      Crazy. I can’t believe anyone would say such things. kinda disturbing that he was serious.

    3. Andy McAdams on Fri, February 23, 2007

      Nathan….it’s Friday.  So…smile and don’t believe everything you see or hear on MMI.  However, this joke is close to the truth in some places.  I worked with a church a few years ago that the previous pastor sent the stain glass windows back that had been delivered for the new church building, because the images of Jesus had his hair too long.

    4. Pastor Al on Fri, February 23, 2007

      Oh to be able to grow hair again!

    5. Stewart on Fri, February 23, 2007

      Of course, for women the rule is reversed. If your hair is too short….

    6. RevJeff on Sat, February 24, 2007

      The GLORY BUGLES are my new favorite group!!!

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