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    The Most Anti-Essential Christian Books

    What other book titles can you come up with?

    You can read more here at Eugene’s site...


    Eugene Cho gives a list of Christian books that haven't yet been written, and hopefully never will be. Some of these are really good. Here are my favorites:

    Everyone Is Going To Hell Except Me - John MacArthur

    There’s No ‘U’ in Ministry: A Woman’s Guide - Mark Driscoll

    God’s Most Glorified When We’re Most Calvinified in Him, by John Piper

    This Book Looks Longer Than It Really Is - Rob Bell

    10 Keys To The 8 Steps To The 3 Paths To The 1 Way to God (TM) - Rick Warren

    How to Fall in My Presence - Benny Hinn

    Hippie Christianity for Ordinary Rednecks - Shane Claiborne


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    1. Geoff on Tue, March 17, 2009

      Where are we going and why are we all in this handbasket?  United Methodist Church

      I have a great future behind me- Joel Gergory

      God told me to hate you- John Piper

      Let me share with you a joke from my skirt chasing days- Craig Groeschel

      5 Points on the One Point Sermon- Andy Stanley

    2. sonny on Tue, March 17, 2009

      One more to add to the list: “Anything ever written by Eugen Cho.”

    3. Dr. James Willingham on Tue, March 17, 2009

      All of this laughter sounds like the nervous relief of some one just coming out from under a great cloud of adverse tension. God knows.  Living in a fallen world as falling creatures hopefully being saved, we need some laughter as in getting the main house beam out of our eyes in order that we might be able to see whether there is even a speck in our brother’s eye.

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