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    The No Frills Airline

    After traveling for five out of the last six weeks, I can't say that I had this bad of an experience; but the way all the airlines are headed, it might not be all that far off!


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    1. Peter on Fri, October 17, 2008

      I really miss the Carol Burnett show at times. They have done some very classic sketches. I agree that with the way airlines are going, this probably isn’t too far off base. Obvious that some of that wouldn’t be possible in the US, but with all of the extra charges and “unbundling” of their services (like luggage) it just wouldn’t surprise me.

    2. Brian L. on Fri, October 17, 2008

      What a hoot!  I knew the moment I saw Harvey Korman and Tim Conway that it was going to be hilarious.  And of course, Carol Burnette is always awesome.

    3. Jan on Sat, October 18, 2008

      We watched this just last week!  My teens are getting a kick out of pulling up old shows on youtube and watching what we used to watch.

      This was hysterical!  and so made for our day.

    4. Anthony Leroy Trask on Sun, October 19, 2008 the smoking on the plane…

    5. Dane on Mon, October 20, 2008

      now that’s humor…anybody gets it.

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