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    The Pastors Who Will Do Anything

    No comment.


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    1. bishopdave on Fri, January 09, 2009

      You’re right about “no comment.” There’s just really nothing to say.

    2. Trey Morgan on Fri, January 09, 2009

      Okay, that was really scary!!!

    3. David Insell on Fri, January 09, 2009

      Where do you get this stuff ??

    4. Jan on Fri, January 09, 2009

      Wow, I mean Wow

    5. John on Fri, January 09, 2009

      I’m trying to figure out if this is a sarcastic view of churches that will do “anything” to get you to come to church, or a church in a supposedly funny attempt to convey that they WILL go to all ends to for you? Either way, obviously they’ll do anything BUT learn how to sing even close in time, tempo, and pitch with the music! Where was the worship/music director when this was being made? (coming from a music director!) *grin*

    6. Brian L. on Fri, January 09, 2009

      Four words:

      “Say no to drugs.”

    7. utech on Fri, January 09, 2009

      Jesus, please come quickly!


    8. Brian on Fri, January 09, 2009

      Well the YouTube video itself is labelled like this: Some of the pastors at Mount Hope Church parody the Veggie Tales’ “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” for New Year’s Eve 2008.

      Category:  Comedy

      That clears up most of the mystery. I thought it was very well done, actually!


    9. Jim Phillips on Sat, January 10, 2009

      I have to hand it to them…I love their passion for trying to connect with folks.  I would love to hear how the people in their church reacted to this.  A little over the top though… (ok…maybe a lot!)

    10. AL on Sat, January 10, 2009

      I will recommend all the seminary students to watch this video before deciding whether they will pay for next semester’s tuition fee.

    11. Paul Wilkinson on Sun, January 11, 2009

      The key line is, “...just to get you to come to church.”  Another example of the attractional way of doing church, I guess.   What if they just did all those things for their neighbors with no strings attached?

    12. Danny on Mon, January 12, 2009

      Does anyone go to this church?  Maybe just the pastor’s.  WOW, SPEECHLESS!

    13. Danny on Mon, January 12, 2009

      utech:  Amen to that Brother

    14. jimmy smuda on Mon, January 12, 2009

      at least they look like they know how to laugh at themeselves. which is more then what most church’s can say….

      cheers for your right to be ridiculous…

    15. Daniel Moore on Mon, January 12, 2009

      Funny on one level.  Sad on another.   The question is:  Are we to win people to Christ or get people to church?

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